shoulder bursitis...any ideas?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by AnitaQuiles, Aug 23, 2003.

  1. AnitaQuiles

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    does anyone out there have bursitis/shouldert type. mine is taking over my body and mind today. it feels like it is going to crush me left side. I am in pain...I take ultracet....nothing helps. any idea please reply to me. thanks. (i sometimes use heat pads, and lots of positive reeforcement so that anxiety wont take over..I wish it would all go away!!!). having a fibro flare up...anita
  2. tandy

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    I feel so bad your in a flare!!!I'm relating big time because I am also flaring quite huge! I've had the shoulder bursitis before and I can say it is very painful.And not a heck of alot is gonna help. The heat is good.....and I put my arm in a sling for a couple days when it was really bad.(that helped some)Just keeping it still helps some. Today its in my hip and legs.I wonder if its bursitis in my hip?? I've had this before and told my dr. and got no response. I hope your feeling better soon:) BTW....I use the possitive reinforcement myself!! It helps~ I have to convince my mind that everythings ok and its probably the fibro!!What a way to live!! LOL
    Take care
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    My name is Nadine and I am new to the boards. I have Bursitis in both shoulders and I can relate to what you are feeling right now. Are you taking Hydrocodine for the pain? Everytime I was in pain I would take a trip to the ER to get a shot. You need to go to a Orthopedic and get some X-Rays! They said now I have Adhesive Capsulitis in my shoulders. Right now I am on Bextra and it is working fine. If you are like me heating pads and ice packets do not work. Wish you the best of Luck!

  4. Dara

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    I have had Burcitis off and on for years, usually in the shoulders and now also in the hips. I have used the heat and also ice packs, and I gotta say, I don't think anything helped to relieve the pain. To me it reminds me of a hot throbbing toothache, makes me cringe just to think of the nights I've been awake all night with it. Have you found that it's worse at night when you lay down? Mine always is for some reason. On those nights I try to sleep in the recliner. Even if I take a prescription pain med I still take Advil with it too, it seems to help a little.

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    according to my Rheumy. I have bursitis in both shoulders and both hip joints. It's horrible pain that not even MS Contin touches. What it sounds like is that you need to get some cortisone shots (and no, they don't hurt like you'd think they would and I'm a real weeny when it comes to shots) Even after 2 kids with epidurals.

    If you can't take pain till Monday and you have good insurance - go to the ER - explain about FM and Bursitis in shoulders - tell Doc you are in major flare and need the cortisone shots in your shoulders. VERY IMPORTANT - IF YOU'VE TAKEN PREDNISONE RECENTLY BE SURE TO TELL DOCTOR.

    I have to go in about every 4-6 weeks to get the shots.

    You have no idea with what I have gone through with the Bursitis of the hips and the number of misdiagnosis. It was surreal to say the least.


    Can you tell that I am having a bad pain day that began at 1:00 this morning? :>(

    Anita, take care of yourself. Remember you have to be your own best advocate!

    Soft Hugs

  6. RedB

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    for my own shoulder bursitis, but apparently it is a problem that doesn't solve itself easily.

    I have had this for over a year, have had shots, and presently am just living with it. I think my Neurontin helps somewhat with the bursitis pain, but not enough.

    It's weird, because it really is only bad now when I lift my arm, and when I lay on it at night.

    There is a good site by MSU for some exercises if you do a Yahoo search for Shoulder Bursitis Rehabilitation Exercises.