Shoulder, neck pain along with nausea and headache syndrome

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by TaniaF, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. TaniaF

    TaniaF Member

    I know fibro is common in neck and shoulders - but when I get this I feel nauseous too, along with some dizziness. I have been through numerous brain tests and all OK. The neuro says I have migraine syndrome, symptoms without even a bad headache.

    If you have neck & shoulder pain, do you get nausea too? I need to take Tylenol for ache, rub it with Biofreeze, and take Antivert for nausea & dizziness.

    Anyone else or just me?
  2. 3gs

    3gs New Member

    I think they call this silent migraines. I get the neck,shoulder and yes nausea also.

    sometimes drinking a coke helps also. the Biofreeze helps the neck the most.

    not just you
  3. domsmom12

    domsmom12 New Member

    Hi! I'm new to this page. Just trying to link up with some who are going through similar pains. I have had Fibro for a few years and it gets progressively worse, bordering on debilitating. Mostly neck/shoulders, but also pain in the front upper chest, feeling of sore ribs, soreness in arm muscles etc. this past year I developed chronic "migraines" out of nowhere, a few times a month, usually with nausea. My GP gave me a script for Maxalt, a migraine pill that melts in your mouth so it won't upset stomach.
    It seems my "headaches" always start on my left side in the neck where I have horrible muscle pain. Also the base of the skull. It's excruciating, then if it gets worse, the pain travels into my jaw and eye sockets.
    I'm so tired of the chronic pain with no relief and/or feeling like a zombie!
    I take Cymbalta, Tramadol, Advil, Soma, and its hard to tell if anything has an effect sometimes, especially when you're in horrible pain!
    Gotta try something else!
  4. IanH

    IanH Active Member

    Have you had a cervical spine scan?
    Yes nausea and vertigo can result from stenosis in the cervical spine.
    You could try carefully exercising your neck and shoulders to free up the ligaments and apply heat straight afterwards to relax the muscles.
    In addition, the following anti-inflammatory regime can help with both the neck-shoulder tension and the migraines (which are also inflammatory influences on the blood flow):
    omega 3 in the following form (EPA and DHA 5 to 1)
    vitamin D3 (5000IU-10,000IU daily) (Have your calcium checked after starting this)
    Magnesium chelate or citrate etc.

    Also ensure your vitB12 levels are adequate.

    There are other anti-inflammatory ideas on this site too.

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