Shoulder/neck pain and breast size

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    I am new to posting on this message board but not new to FMS. I was diagnosed 4 years ago and have gotten to where I am functioning pretty well now. I exercize 3 - 5 days a week and am pretty active. I still have bad days/weeks but I get through it.
    The main problem that I now is that my shoulders and neck are always really tight. My doctor was surprised at how tight they were and gave my Bextra to try. That didn't really help. I take muscle relaxants when it gets really bad. I also take calcium/magnesium/zinc every day. I finally made the connections between my breast size (DDD) and the pain and tightness in the muscles and am concidering breast reduction. But, before I do this I want to make sure I have tried everything I can. I have got new bras that fit and that helps some but not enough.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    I don't have much info to offer as far as the whole bra size question, but Im a small gal, and I also have tightness in my neck and sholders. The chiropracter has been a huge help to me. maybe you could try a massage therapist? they might even have specific excercises you can do for those areas. hope you find an answer.

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    about pain, so I'm probably not a fair judge to all of this. But, I am experienced, having had a reduction about 5 years ago. The occupational injury dr I was seeing at the time ordered it for me.

    The pros: I no longer have to wear a bra, my 52 yr old boobs are 'perkier' than when I was 12, finding clothes is easier as for the 1st time in my life my hips are larger than my breasts, I've developed the natural curve in my back that most people have always had, I no longer look like I'm going to fall over(teeny feet and humongaboobs), men now speak closer towards my face than my chest.

    The cons: Hmmmmmmmmmm. I started to write a really long(er) response to this. Then I realized that it might not be the same for everyone, and I don't want to predispose anyone to a negative experience. I won't lie, it hurts more than anything I'd experienced (pre-FM), and to that I say, find the BEST dr. you can who is willing to do the T-cut or similar small incision. Suffice to say, MY dr. was a butcher, and the healing was long.

    Still, would I do it again? OH yes! The difference in neck pain, and the new 'look' were worth it all!

    Good luck
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    Hi Betsy, yes, insurance covered it. My lawyer is now in process of suing my employer to get the surgery reimbursed under comp. Um, I mentioned it to the Comp dr with my insurer, and he looked at me and said yes, it would help, and ordered it. I was about 50 pounds thinner than in my profile photo, so there wasn't any I could stand to lose, EXCEPT the boobs! lol.

    seriously, though, in spite of our 'flatter' sisters' desires to be better endowed, the ONLY advantage (yeah, right!) is that it's REAL easy to meet guys when you're younger. ooooooops, sorry, guess THAT wasn't REALLY serious after all. I'd go back to that dr. who told you to lose weight and say, "NOW will you order reduction for me?!" Sheesh! What an imbicile!

    Again, and I can't emphasize this enough, MAKE SURE the dr. you sellect will do the 'small cut' kind of surgery. Sorry, I'm not comfortable being more specific here online. But, it really IS worth the pain. Also, REALLY make sure your partner REALLY understands the inpact this will have on your body. My hubby gave his consent, but, in the long haul, is NOT real happy about 'his' loss.

    Hope this helps,
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    I, too,know that a large bust will increase your neck and shoulder pain.

    Also, a lot of extra weight in your stomach area will increase the pain on your lumbar spine (lower part of back). I wish I could have stomach reduction surgery! LOL
    I would consider the gastric by-pass, but my insurance won't pay for it.
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    Hi, Comming from another one in your size boat, I wear a 36 F, in our small frames they do look huge, but if you were a 46 inch around then your cup size would only be ab A cup size! I have been reading in magazine, and also saw a program on Discovory heath cannel that thet are using lyposcution techniques to take breast down a couple of coup sizes. Thet have found that this gives a smoother result, whle leaving your milk ducts pretty well untouched, so that if breastfeeding is something you fancy, you have a better chance of being able to. The recovery time is supposed to be much quicker, bur again, I don't have numbers! Good Luck!
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    and have been since my teen-age years when I was most definitely underweight, 107#. Almost 20 years ago my doctor tried to talk me into getting a breast reduction and I told him no because I was afraid of having surgery. He told me that he was going to document it in my records because he said I would "definitely" have problems with my neck and shoulders later. He was right, I sure do. I wish I would have had the surgery back then when I was younger. I hate being large busted, especially when you reach my age and they start heading South. Good luck to you, I hope you will find that your insurance company will cover it.