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  1. lillyrose33

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    I have been having this pain under my shoulder blade on my left side for a couple of days now...feels like a muscle but when I breathe in it hurts and I also feel short of breath. I have a fatty tumor just to the side of my shoulder blade at least that is what they tell me it is...they told me I can have it removed but it is not necessary but they said it will grow and if it starts to hurt me they will remove it. I have been putting this off for over two years and now I am afraid that it is what is making my shoulder blade hurt but I don't know how it could effect my breathing. It is the size of a tennis ball now. I saw the surgon last week because of having my gallbladder removed and he looked at it and said it is basicly up to me. I don't want to have another surgery right now. I had trouble with my oxygen level with my gallbladder surgery two weeks ago. I have read on some post that people with fibro get these lumps...could this be what is on my back and not a fatty tumor and does fibro cause trouble with breathing? I just don't know what to do about this...just needed to vent I guess.

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    mine is to the left of my right shoulder. It is not very big & does not bother me. My 28 year old son has one in the exact same spot, but his is very large. You can see his through his shirt. The Dr. told him it was muscle. It kinda makes sense though because he does a lot of heavy lifting & maybe that's why his is so much bigger than mine is.

    He has not been Dx'd with FM but I really think he has it. He has panic attacks & hurts all over most of the time, too. My son has trouble breathing sometimes & has had both of his lungs collapse (at different times) I have really not had a problem with that, except for the time that I had an adverse reaction to Reglan. Now that's a whole other story..

    I really don't think this is the kind of lumps that we get with FM. This one is much bigger than those. Maybe you should just keep an eye on it. My Dr. told me, if it gets too big, they could remove it, but it would just be for cosmetic purposes. He doesn't think it really causes any health problems.

    Let me know what you decide to do.
    Good luck.

  3. Cromwell

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    This pain worries me. It could be pleuresy or fluid on the lung. Especially since you had surgery recently. Also the MRSA virus can cause this sort of pneumonic pain.

    I get left should, rib, arm pain, but not upon breathing. If it hurts when you breathe then you should get a chest xray.

    Re the fatty tumor. I have a small one on the 7th cervical disc where a lot of people have them, it is a lot smaller than yours more like a pad of fat. However, I swear it presses on a nerve as when I squeeze it it releases a pain I get.

    Weird that our bodies are. Please get a check on that breatjing pain ASAP. Like tomorrow!

    Love Anne C
  4. NyroFan

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    If doc says leave it, maybe you should just leave it.
    I have a lump also and was told the same thing.

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    If you had your gall bladder removed laproscopically then they blew a hole bunch of air into you so they could see what they were doing. And basically it moves all over your body til your body disperses it. I hurt just swallowing while I was waiting for all that air to go away. I wouldnt hurt to have it checked but I bet thats where your pain is coming from.

    By the way I had a fatty tumor on my scalp the size of a softball that they removed 2 years ago yesterday and its growing back again. I only had it removed because it was causing major headaches. Good luck!!!
  6. wildwoodlane

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    I had shoulder pain last week -- thought was having heart attack, then next day it was on the other side. Guess it was the good old fibro acting up. I don't blame you for worrying about the lump (any lump!) but if the doc says it is not dangerous, and you just had gallbladder surgery, well, I can see why you might want to postpone doing anything. I had laparascopic gallbladder surgery over a year ago, and a nurse friend told me it can take six months for all that air to leave your system. My poor shoulders hurt so bad for quite some time. That is where the gas settles initially and it seems to just hang around. But there can be other reasons for your pain and it is smart to just get it checked out. I found that the heating pad helped my shoulder as well as Advil for couple of days. I also discovered there was an extremely sensitive trigger point right on my shoulder blade, and that alone can bring on all sorts of havoc.

    Hope you are better soon.

  7. lillyrose33

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    Thanks everyone, I am going to go see my doctor next week. It feels better today and my breathing is better. I have so many things going on right now with my body. Never thought I would be like this at 54...use to have so much energy and never took pills now I don't know what I would do if I didn't have my meds. I just want a good night sleep and my legs to work when they need to. I sure do miss the old me. Thanks again and hope everyone is doing better. Take care.