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    does lyme cause stiffness, worse on one side? i have a shoulder pain, stiffness in my left arm but, pain in both and both hands, stiffness in left leg (sometimes with the sensation that it is delayed but, i think it is just stiff and heavy)
    all kinds of sensory problems.
    vitamins make me WORSE!
    i am yeast, sugar, wheat, gluten, dairy except yogurt free and still feel aweful.
    i have a tightening throat sometimes, tons of stomach problems, tighteing face muscles, headaches, vertigo, lightheadedness, fog, numbness in lips and forehead, intermittent blurred vision, bladder spasms.
    can all this be lyme?
    ty, sc
  2. coon32185

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    it can be candida also same symptoms and there is a very easy spit test to see if u have candida
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    Lyme has so many symptoms! It is possible that they are all from lyme. But they could be from other things too. I have had all of the symptoms you mentioned, but not at the same time. I also have candida and heavy metals.

    It's weird that vitamins make you worse. I wonder if there is an additive in your vitamins that you are reacting too? Check the label to see if there is anything in them that could case you trouble.

    Symptoms that are more severe in one side of the body are also common in lyme.

    I hope you feel better soon!!!