Shoulder problems?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by 101247, Jun 5, 2003.

  1. 101247

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    Does anyone suffer with their shoulders,Mine are incredibly painfull,can't lift my arms above shoulder height without the most awful pain, It's like cramp only the pain is tenfold.
    Anyone else have the same problem?.
    Does anyone have numb spots,ihad a spot on my thigh about the size of a penny 10 years ago, It's now the size of my hand but not numb anymore it burns[Iknow ,i'm totally weird]
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    Oh yes, i suffer with my shoulders greatly, you are not alone! Mornings are hellish, my shoulders and neck are so stiff i can barely move.. It feels like i have knots in the one shoulder but when i mess with it, the pain is really awful. I get a trickling feeling in it, like bleeding under the skin and numbness. Dont know of anything that could help, wonder if anyone else on here does?? As for the numb spots, the brain is the main one!! LOL

    Take care, hope it eases off soon

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    at one time i had shoulder pain and i took flexeral for t..i'm not sure i spellt that right.anyways that seem to help.sometimes a ice or heat rub will help.
    i dont think you are weird at seems with fibro people tend to have funny things happen to them that nobody else has.thats why this is a good place to come,we all have 'weird'things together!!
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    The pain in my shoulders is so intense sometimes, that I can barely function. When it gets that bad, and I can't work it out on my own, I go to my chiropractor. He knows of my FM and does Active Release Therapy on my shoulder. He says there's a nerve being pinched by the knots in my muscles. It takes a couple treatments for really bad flares, but it eventually works itself out.

    Every morning, without fail, I do my shoulder and neck stretches. I got them from a book sold at Barnes and Noble. It's called "Backache: What Exercises Work" by Sobel & Klein. I originally bought it because of my DDD, but it has many many stretches in it that have helped my whole body, not just my back. I highly recommend this book. It's very gentle, needless to say!

    One other exercise I learned from my chiro. He gave me one of those big exercise balls. He has me "write" the alphabet with it every day. You stand or sit with the ball in front of you, and literally make the alphabet with big sweeping motions. At first, I could only do half the letters at one time, but I eventually worked my way up to all the letters. This really works out the muscles in your upper body very well.