shoulders are on fire!

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  1. kellyann

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    How many of you have intense burning pain in your shoulders?It feels like it is down deep in the bone. The pain is unbearable right now and has been all night. I can't sleep for it. It is nearly 2a.m., and I am still sitting here in front of my computer because I know there is no sense in laying down to sleep. I am thankful for this forum as I do get some comfort in knowing that you all are in the same boat as I am. Not that I wish this on anyone, but at least you all understand. No one else really does. If it were not for my baby girl and my grandbabies I don't think I could bear the pain anymore. How long can a person hurt so bad before they just go insane, I wonder? I guess I should call my doctor on Monday if this doesn't let up. I may need to go back to the pyshciatrist too as the depression is almost overwhelming. I hate going there though, the man sits there and stares at me like he is trying to see just how crazy I am by body language or something. I am on depression pills, effexor 150 mg twice daily, plus tofranil -pm 75 mg.Dang it hurts! I am nearly homebound, can't do anything anymore or go anywhere. I hate this! I hope all of you are doing better than I am tonight, and thanks for being there!
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    But, you sound like your doctor isn't very helpful? Maybe you can find someone who is better at working with Fibro patients? My feeling is that no one deserves to be in pain, and with the meds available to day..there is something that doctors can do to make everyone of us more comfortable.
  3. kellyann

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    It is now 10.12 a.m. and I still haven't been to sleep. This hurts badly. I do have flare ups like this sometimes, it is nothing new.

    Wendy: I am really trying to calm down, it is not easy though. I am going to make myself lay down and put a heat pad on my shoulders. Every joint in my body hurts, but the shoulders are the very worst. Thank you Wendy!

    Suzan: I have a wonderful doctor at the FFC in Atlanta. I just have not called to tell her of my flare up yet. I will on Monday. I have 2 kinds of oxycodone now, one is for break through pain and the other is continued release tablets. It does help, but does not nearly take the pain away. Oh how I wish it did. Bless you Suzan!

    MCD56: Thanks for all the info, it sounds good to me. I think maybe I am doing way more than my body can handle right now. I think I do need a rest big time. And yes, my muscles do feel so stiff and heavy feeling, I'd say kinda like concrete, haha! I can't straighten out my left arm at all.
    I am going to lay down and try to get some much needed rest. I'll check back here this afternoon. I hope all three of you ladies have a wonderful pain free day!
  4. NyroFan

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    Do you have a rheumatologist. Many times they are very helpful. Mine is the one who takes care of my FM/CFS.
    Great guy, loads of help and suggestions along with the meds. He also gave me exercises to help. I also take depression meds: it seems to come with the territory for some of us. Who would not be depressed with these miserable diseases. I am also on sleeping pills and he put me on these because I was like you: no sleep from pain. I do not have the burning sensations in the shoulders, but do know that deep down ache in the bones. You need some real rest.
    It is good to know you have your daughter and grandkids.
    Great support.
  5. crumpton

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    My shoulders end up this way about every day by the mid afternoon. I usually get relief during the night though.

    I am so sorry that your is not giving you an relief. The burning sensation is oh so awfulllll!

    I have to lay on my heating pad, my bed that has a heated mattress pad, I use every night. If it is really bad I use Biofreeze or the F024 or something like that that they advertise on this site.

    It smells awful but it helps. I also have soaked in a warm tub with Epsom salts but I have a hard time getting out. A hot shower but I just want to stand there with the heat pounding on my back until I run out of hot water.

    I do the hot water before putting on the cremes.

    Alsoif it is really bad I have taken two tennins balls in a long sock that I tye on each end to keep the balls in the middle of the sock.

    Then I put the balls on my spot that really hurts and then rub up and down the wall or the floor. It really hurts when you are doing this but afterwards, the shower, the creme and then the heating pad works oh and I don't forget the pain pills and sometimes I have to take 2.

    I hope you feel some relief soon. ALso are you taking a sleeping pill to help your body into the restorative deep sleep?

    ((((Gentle Hugs)))
  6. TwinMa

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    Your shoulders sound just like mine and the only thing that has helped long term is massage therapy.

    Heat packs, heated rice socks, topical gels and creams are all good for temporary relief, but it's just that--temporary.

    The first massage therapist I went to explained it like this: Your muscles are individual long fibers. Each fiber is encased in a sheath that is like saran wrap (fascia). These are all bundled together to form a muscle group.

    When the muscles aren't functioning properly due to any number of things (inactivity, fibro, repetitive actions, pain which leads to inactivity, etc) this saran wrap sticks together. Then the muscles can't move properly and stiffness and pain results.

    This can lead to scar tissue on a microscopic level.

    Massage increases blood circulation to the muscles and flushes toxins away and allows nutrients to get to the muscles. Massage breaks up the fascia and restores mobility to the muscles. They are breaking up the scar tissue. This means less pain.

    I've been seeing a massage therapist for a little over a year. I see her every two weeks. It has helped tremendously. I really feel that the massage set the stage for my body to accept other treatments.

    I still get stiff sore shoulders and neck, but not nearly as bad as I used to. And things I am trying to improve my health are actually working now.

    Kelly, I hope you get some relief! (and some sleep). Think about getting massage.

  7. pumpkinpatch

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    Just a thought.

    Do you think it has anything to do with the antibiotics and fighting infections? Did they change up your abx prescription? Are you taking combination abx?

    My upper shoulders, neck and calves have gotten even sorer and stiffer since on abx.

    I use either biofreeze, Rub 535, my warm magic bag, xanax, and pain meds if really can't tolerate.

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  8. Andrea4

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    My shoulders and neck get really bad. When I can get to the chiro (not often, no money), they do an adjustment and a massage which really helps. I've started using those 8 hr heat patches. Those do help...especially if I get them on before it gets real bad. Today for example, I had a doctors appt and he gave me the nerve block shoulders, neck, base of my skull and ears are all numb. It's such a nice break from the pain!
  9. kellyann

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    I took a nap and feel a little bit better. I don't have a rheumy, but I have a great doctor. I have had phone visits the last few times, I think I need to go in and see her so she can check me out. This has been one of the worst flare ups ever. It may well be from the antibiotics. Thanks so much for being there for me through this! Bless you all!
  10. catsmeow369mi

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    Mine is between my shoulder blades in my spine area. My pain doc told me the tendons between the bones of the spine have no blood veins or vessels so my vicadin will not reach there. He gave ma a shot there. It helped a little but is back again. I guess I need to call him.

    The problem with calling him is that I don't have a car right now. Mine died. Figures right?

    I hope I helped you some.

  11. francesakers

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    I hope you are feeling better, sounds like you are having a really bad flare up. when I am having bad ones I try to take a long hot shower and 2 pain killers a muscle relaxer an a sleeping pill. Does your doc have you on any sleeping pills?? maybe if you can just get knocked out with a heating pad you will fill a little better. I forgot to mention the heating pad. (my best friend lol) I wish I knew what else to tell you to try.
    I hope you get some rest.
  12. Jeanne-in-Canada

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    - protein digesting enzymes, as good or better than NSAIDs
    (I use ProEnzyme P from the Prohealth store here, best buy my side of border and yours Iv'e found)
    - use arnica gel, I got a homeopathic pure formula and I'm blown away, the pain relief is almost instant and sinks right in w/out greasiness
    - try different painkiller, I find codeine is better for FM pain, by far, than oxy, sometimes less is more
    - try an herbal pain/rheumatism formula
    - homeopathics like Traumeel or Rhododendronheel are great for rheumatic pain

    - I have some thing called Pro Muscle Calm, it has cal/mag, valerian, passion flower, wild yam (progesterone creams relieve topical pain), wood betony, cramp bark, hops and skullcap
    You don't have to get that exact formula, but look for similar ingredients. It will do something, trust me. Only thing i find is I can't take it during the day because there are too many sleep aid herbs in it, like hops, valerian and passion flower in it, which also happen to be painrelievers too, and it zonks me right out. But how mahy would love both sleep and pain relief in one?

    - super hot bath w/ epsom salts
    - calcium/magnesium supplements (some swear they are better than muscle relaxers)
    - rice sock (get a big sock and fill to a comfort level w/ parboiled rice and nuke for about 1 min, will conform to your sore area and the moist heat will last half an hour- better than a heating pad!)

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  13. joanng

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    I get the burning shoulders a lot and when this happens I use Lidoderm patches. They numb the muscles...also motrin helps too. When my lower back gets going I use the Lidoderm pathces and ICE....heat doesn't help me. Good luck.
  14. Kacjac

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    You've had a lot of great advice.
    I also agree with MCD, on this because I've been dealing with this plus my back has been out this past week , I finally just gave up and went to bed , for two days.
    Stayed on the heating pad, I never got in the espoms salt bath, but might try it again tonight.
    Also, took Motrin,tramadol,and Soma.
    I hope your better real soon.
    You are certainly not alone, honey.
    Big gentle hugz, Karen
  15. ilovecats94

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    I don't have my shoulders on fire, but my stomach has been really upset lately due to a supplement I was taking that just tore up my stomach. So that is why I'm still up.

    I have taken Tums, Pepcid AC, more Tums, a pain pill for the horrible back pain I was getting, and finally am just getting relief.

    I was getting really bad shoulder pain in my right shoulder, but it has gotten a lot better lately and I don't know why.

    I'm pretty much homebound too. Just don't have the energy to do much going out. I go when I have to.

    I'm sorry you are hurting so much. I feel badly you are depressed.

    I saw a psychiatrist who just sat there and hardly ever said anything but told me I had a lot of stress in my life. I don't need to pay a person $25 a visit to tell me that. lol So I finally stopped going to him but that was over 5 years ago.

    Maybe another doc would be better for you and would help you more. Doesn't sound like the meds you are taking are helping you much.

    I love this board and do most of my posting on here at night too.

  16. kellyann

    kellyann New Member

    Thanks for all the helpful tips! Does anyone know if you can use instant rice in the rice sock? That's all I have and I wanted to try it out. I thought oxy was codeine? I think I do need my medicine adjusted. I can't take this much longer. The shoulders are still on fire. It is constant intense pain. My knee is swollen and so sore too. My hands are so sore and you can feel the heat coming from all my sore joints. I think it may be a bad herx from the antibiotics I'm on. I did sleep better last night, I think I was so tired that I just crashed after not sleeping much this past week. You guys have all given me some really good things to try and it is apppreciated! Are the lidocaine patches available at the drugstore? I have a very warm waterbed, haha, it is like a big heat pad. I got one of those matrresses for it that is like 95% waveless. It is wonderful on sore joints, but who wants to live in bed? I can't with a two year old.
    Thanks everyone!
  17. kellyann

    kellyann New Member

    Welcome aboard! I find I spend more time on this site when I feel really bad, guess there is some sort of comfort in knowing you are not alone in this. I've never heard of the sleep medicine you suggested, but maybe someone else has. I use lunesta usually or sonata.

    Take Care!
  18. kellyann

    kellyann New Member

    Hey Charlie,

    I live near Atlanta, Georgia in the United States. Is it cold there where you live? It is cold here today, and damp. Why don't you fill out your profile? It is nice to see or know more about who you are posting to, haha!

    Take Care and I hope to see many more posts from you soon!
  19. Jeanne-in-Canada

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    That's the one rice not to use because it can burn, it's already mostly dessicated and doesn't hold moist heat well anyway. parboiled, aka converted rice or brown rice is best because it will hold heat better than regular long grain, but I'm sure you can substitute many grains, like millet, barley, etc.

    Oxy is definitely not codeine. Codeine is considered a weaker branch down the opiate family though, supposed to be weaker than oxy and morphine, but they are related. I just find codeine is a much better painkiller for FM and period pain, but oxy is superior for headaches for me, and I also need it as an alternate med. If I don't stagger them, I develop tolerance w/in a week of using the same one, and have to use way too much w/ less results, so I swap them. I think alot more people should try this, you use less meds and they tend to keep giving you better pain relief.

    I totally forgot to mention proteolytic (protein digesting) enzymes in my painkiller list. They would be great for you because they are anti-inflammatory when taken between meals, they go to work on cellular garbage in your lymphatics and blood and get to the source of inflammation and break it down. That's how the modest pain relieving effects come in. They also will help your abx or whatever viral or antiobiotic med you may use, because they thin the blood as they clean up cellular debri.

    I use mine most every day now, and haven't used ibuprofen or any NSAID every since I discovered them.

  20. juliejo

    juliejo New Member

    Hi Julie, from another Julie in the UK.
    Pleased to meet you too.
    I don't post much as i have trouble with my eye's alot which causes dizzyness but do read the post's from time to time as they rearly do cheer you up when you are feeling down.

    I have taken Diazepam (VALIUM), for nearly 10 year's.
    Yes it's addictive but hey it's helping me with the muscle spasm's and help's me sleep at night too.
    I would take anything if it helped.

    I only taken 2mg or 5mg at night and it does relax me.
    My Gp has no issues with me taking this either as long as i don't exceed to dosage.

    Very pleased to meet anyway.