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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by glenda2, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. glenda2

    glenda2 New Member

    how many of you have shower chairs? i have had this dd for 15 years but it is grtting out of control now. i fall alot, showers hurt can't walk to well ect....
    i have waited as long as i could but now i am going to have to the things to help me. i am 42 and my mind (when there is no fog) i feel very young but my body feels like i am 8o
    now i am on the hunt for any and everything tio help no matter what it is.i hate showers and when i was in the hospital they gave me a liquid no rinse body wash and shampoo i love it. i will order more i found it in the web. anything to help make life easier.
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  2. cristine04

    cristine04 New Member

    i have one. it's great, esp. since i'm weak an dhave blood pressure issues.

    good luck with it. safer is better!
  3. JLH

    JLH New Member

    I could not take a shower if it were not for my shower chair.

    I checked out about every site on the internet who had one before I ordered .. and ordered a heavy-duty one, without a back, for about $30, with free shipping!

  4. glenda2

    glenda2 New Member

    thank you for your replies.
  5. revlcb

    revlcb New Member

    I too have a shower chair, but, it's not traditional.

    I knew I needed a back on my chair for comfort and rest. And real shower chairs are expensive.

    So, I bought one of those plastic, white lawn chairs without arms. Voila' Has been working for over 2 years now and all for a measly $5.
  6. glenda2

    glenda2 New Member

    that is a goos idea!! thanks
  7. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member


    I have one also. I was getting a little stumbly when showering and one of the ladies here suggested it.
    So, I got one and things go much better.

  8. glenda2

    glenda2 New Member

    well i am going to have to get one too SOON
    wish me luck.
  9. glenda2

    glenda2 New Member

    thank you i will go there sounds like a good place.thanks again. glenda