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    This attny is in Oklahoma.

    I haven't heard back from the ss office so maybe they finally got my paper work in. I'll have to check.


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    Rain,I had a disability attorney who I talked to after my first denial,and found out that he was not much help.He did put my reconsideration appeal in and when I was denied again he put my appeal in for a hearing other than that what good was he.

    At the last minute he decided not to take my case because I did not have enough medical documented in my file.He never gave me any advice on how to get information and he never showed me what was in my file,and I never asked,DUH....

    MY doctors notes stated that I had pain on a daily basis anywhere from a 7 to a ten at each of my appointments amoung other complaints.

    I filed in Nov of 2004 and since then I have so many problems that are making life miserable.I finally get a letter from Hearings and Appeals a few days ago along with a SSA-827 form and it took me some time to know what this form was.

    They want any new medical info on me which I have now and they are not aware of these.I start to panic because I don't have an attorney yet and its been a downward spiral from there.

    My success will be of the medical documents from mental health which are concistant with all the symptoms that I have been having since 2004 and is also documented.

    I have talked with different attorneys who want to view my disability file first before they will take my case and I have to go through getting my file and all of this stress is making me crazy.

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    Sorry that you are understandably distressed over your
    appeal. Your Attorney sounds like a real FLAKE !! Don't
    be bummed out over it as you can appeal to the ALJ direct-
    yourself via a form in writing to delay you case for a
    short period of time. They should view you request as jus-
    tifiable due to the sudden departure of the "Attorney" on
    short notice.

    I had my case posponed for a different reason but wanting
    to provide additional medical documentation that is cur-
    rent should also be a factor is your case. If you feel
    you need the additional time, speak with your SSA agent
    or directly to the office of the ALJ.

    I'm usually on the Board each Day if you have questions
    to which I can provide any answers.

    Best of luck,
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    Thanks MRDAD.I do have everything that I need just not an attorney.One will take my case if I can get copies of my disability file.It was supposed to be sent from Hearings and Appeals to my state SSA office but I haven't heard anything yet.

    Maybe they are waiting for me to sign the SSA-827 form that they sent to me a couple of days ago.They want to get updated medical records to put in my claim but in the meantime I need to view whats in my file so I know where to go from here.

    My SSA worker told me to sign that form releasing new medical evidence and that my file is on the way to their office and when it gets there she will call me to make an view my file.

    At this point I don't know what to do.She asked me if I had an attorney yet and I told her no and thats why I need my file.

    Thanks for the advice.

  5. mrdad

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    Sounds as if you should sign the form if it is some
    kind of release request. Bureaucrats can't make a
    move without them. I went into the ALJ Hearing with-
    out an Attorney and missing the last 1 1/2 years of
    my Medical history as it added little to my case any-

    The ALJ that I dealt with were very kind and even dup-
    licated my Med records for me on their on suggestion!!
    Most of what I did and why I did it are to involved
    to explain here, but I do feel that everything will
    be fine in your case and is not at all a catastrophe!

    Have a good day, ok?
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