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    Well, my ever-so strong(NOT)immune system has failed me again. My son was sick over the weekend with what turned out to be a cold. Of course, as expected, I caught that cold. It started pretty suddenly today with a sore throat and runny nose. Right now I'm also feeling achy all over, but no fever so far. And of course my husband had to boast about the fact that he never gets sick. Although, it's good that he never gets sick seeing as one of us needs to be healthy.

    It just gets old getting sick all the time. I've been working in the hospital for almost 3 years now, so my immune system should be starting to strengthen up a little bit. I mean, I'm exposed to all sorts of wonderful bugs at the hospital. But, that's definitely not the case.

    I did take a major step and called Dr. Enlander's office today. I didn't make an appointment yet, but I did ask if they're taking new patients and if he accepts patients from out of state. The receptionist was very helpful and answered all of my questions. So, now I have to drop the bomb to my husband that we'll need to shell out $650 for the first appointment. Yikes!!

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    I'm so sorry you're not feeling well again, I think we all know how that goes.

    Get some rest and take care of yourself...


    Nancy B