Sick and more Sick...

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    Hi all,

    Thank's for all your welcomes on my Introduction post. If I mess up some words it's due to a flue head cold, blurred vission loss off appitiet so on so on. Funny how I hardly leave the house and I'm the one who gets sick first. I have one child in daycare and another in School so they bring it home, they get sick for a day or two with the sniffles and I am in bed for a few day's. Today is the third so I draged myself out of bed to chat with my new family.

    I saw my Doc the other day and he switched around all my meds the next day I got really sick. I'm hearing alot about having to mix it up every few months if nothing is working, any one have problems when they switch the meds up on you, the 2nd day I thought I was going to die, he put me on a pill for phantom pain and the other one is Toradol, also sleeping pills and a muscel relaxer. I was on Oxycontin with oxycoset for break threw pain but the effect of them wore off, I was on them for 6 months,he kept increasing but nothing helped so we changed it aorund, I'm also on efforex, (sorry about my spelling,_ I look at the screen and it's blurd. Think it's time to pack it in.

    Thanks for listening, and getting me out of bed for a while. Will touch base when I get over this flue and flair.

    Soft Hugs, and God Bless


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    Hi Tammy,

    My meds were changed around too and I also got sick for days. I am effexor also but not sure if it is really working. Pain meds do not work for me either. But I think once your body adjust you will be fine.