Sick and taking care of sick father

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    I am really stressed right now. My father who has been in remission for CLL (leukimia) has it back now. We are going to be going through the testing stages here soon. My dad is eighty years old. He also is a diabetic. It is just so hard dealing with him and his needs and working and being sick with fibro and CFS. I get really down about it. I am sitting here at work at the end of the day thinking how am I going to do it all. My sister is helping but, that is it. I feel so much pressure. I feel so overwhelmed right now. I just want to go home and cry. I have had a stress headache all day. I can't concentrate on work and it is hard to sleep. I feel so lost right now.
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    So sorry things are so hard for you right now. Taking care of our ailing loved ones seems more than enough to deal with, let alone dealing with CFS & FM. When my dad was dying of cancer, I just kept telling myself this was the last loving gift I could give him.

    Try to take extra good care of yourself, you can't help anyone if you get down too.

    Just take care of what is happening right now/today. Try not to think ahead too much.

    Extra prayers, and care are on the way to you.

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    My heart goes out to you, as I too have been taking care of a parent. I have been taking care of my Mom for over a year now. I have a brother and a sister who really are no help at all. They have their reasons I guess but it would be nice if they would spend some time with mom as well.

    Mom does not have cancer but she has had every thing else it seems, she just gets over one thing when some thing else hits and it is back to the ER and a hosptial stay again.
    Please take care of yourself, and try not to get worn out. I know that it is hard to do. Rest when you can and remember you are showing him lots of love right now. TAke care sweetie

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