sick and tired of being sick and tired

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by damyank, Jul 1, 2006.

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    I dunno where to begin I was dx last June and have since gotten progressively worse.I had a complete blood work up and could find nothing other than dx of fibro.I have tried a barraage of pain,muscle,anti inflamatories to no avail.I am constantly in pain,tired and my legs and feet are completely out of wack.My legs feel extremely fatigued and my left foot in tendon area is real sore.I have tried foot cushions of all varieties it feels like the foot is shriveling in a curve and now I also have it in right foot.I am really afraid that it will make me not able to walk at all,I have managed to keep working but it seems like end is near or about to be coming.Sorry for the ramble I just don't know what else to do any help suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi Mike, I'm reasonably new here so I don't know if I can help you much. Have you seen a Ruemotoligist (spelling??), Neurologist or been to a Pain Clinic? Maybe just telling your Dr stright out just how bad the pain is and that none of your meds are helping, you may need something stonger.
    Take care
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    Hi Mike I think I can safely say that we are all sick and tired of being sick. Every morning I wake up thinking that this will be the morning where the pain is gone. I even go to the point of going with out my meds for a full day and night just to see what the next morning is like. I've only been dx'ed for about 2 years now and it drives me nuts. I'm a single mom and even if I say so myself I was a good mom. The kids friends loved to come over to my house and hang with me. I miss those days. I use to also hold a 40 hour a week job come home and cook a home cooked dinner and still have time to help my kids with homework and put them to bed. Now they put me to bed and make sure that there is usually something cooked for diner. I would love nothing else to wake up some morning and find out it was just a nasty nightmare and I'm not in pain and I'm not exhausted before I even get out of bed.....SueF
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    but I'm also aware that drugs are not "solutions"...they may work for a while, or in your case, not at all, and they only mask the symptoms and they definitely don't treat the underlying cause...oxidative stress. Back in October of 2005, I was introduced to some high-quality supplements by a friend of mine and have I had nothing but success with them. No more pain, no more insomnia, more energy (lots of energy) and forever grateful that I have them.
    I hope you find what works for you real soon!
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    hi mike i'm so sorry your having such a rough time. i know the constant pain day in and day out makes you crazy. try to take it easy when possible, and when something hurts you don't try to do it. i know i can't do so many things i used to be able to do like go to the movies, ride or drive in the car along way, heck i can't even scrabble an egg for my son. so mike when your not able to do something without addtional pain try not to do it. and just be thankful for the things you can still do.

    i feel the same way you do my leg pain is so bad i think i'll need a wheel chair. at night they hurt so bad i want to cut them off, i mean i really would'nt want to chop them off but ya know what i mean. i wish there was something i could tell you to try but for 6yrs i have been on so many meds and not one has helped with the pain.but i'm not giving up. i really hope you find something to help you.take care, and hang in there your not alone. everyone here knows what you suffer with.