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    I was diagnosed with FM/CFS 3 yrs ago. I dealt with it fairly well for the first 2 yrs. Since January I have been on a steady downhill spiral. I am employed full time and have a husband who is not 100% onboard with FM. I have 2 daughters age 19 & 14. My 19 yr old has been away at college for the last 9 months. She is my biggest help, however obviously is not here on a constant basis. My hubby helps some, but is not sympathetic to my exhaustion and pain. He tends to ignore it for the most part. On most days now I have to drag myself out of bed to go to work. i have to fight to stay awake all day at my desk and pray 5:00 gets here fast so I can go home and crash. i am in constant pain all over my body. I cannot stand this any longer and have to find a better way to cope with my life. i am not in a position to give up. I am currently taking Vicotin (sometimes 5 times a day), Cymbalta (3x a day) and Xanax (2x a day). I have a dr's appt tomorrow and want to lay it all on the line and revisit all of it.

    I am obsessed with this sight and always find answers, but I need some help with what direction I should go and what I should request from my Dr. as a new direction of treatment.
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    First of all, Happy Mother's Day!

    I feel your pain, I know it is unrelenting, and it really really wears us down

    Maybe they can make adjustments in your meds - I know Cymbalta never did anything for me

    Where is most of your pain? Are they thoroughly convinced it is fibro and not fibro + something else?

    KNEWBERRY New Member

    Thank you! What medications have worked for you? I have been experiencing most of my pain from my hips down. My hips hurt non-stop. I have been tested for MS, Lupus, Thyroid, Arthritis with all being negative.
  4. Empower

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    Well, nothing has really worked for me - I haven't tried pain meds, because I am very sensitive to medication

    I have tried many many antidepressants - I guess the one that worked for me was Effexor

    Cymbalta did nothing for me and I was very anxious on it

    I too have been tested for everything

    I also have myofascia pain syndrome, that is why I was wondering if yours is something else

    Or maybe arthritis??

    My fibro first started in my legs, now that is the LEAST of my problems!!!

    I am doing light stretches with a band (that physical thereapy gives you) and that has helped a little

    I also use a TENS unit from time to time

    I rely on Excedrin - not a good thing! Killing my stomache
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    So sorry you are having a bad time. This is made even harder when you don't have support and understanding.

    It sounds like a med update is needed.Maybe change your pain meds to a longer acting one. Cymbalta doesn't work for many and one of the best docs uses Klonpin.

    Your body is telling you that your are doing to much. Another biggie is your vitd levels,thyroid,adrenals its a long list.Have you looked into Lyme? There are videos on youtube and is a good source.

    Can you go parttime? Rest is very key to recovery. Maybe have hubby read some stuff here or go to docs with you.

    hope you get results and feel better let us know
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    I'm sorry you don't have support & understanding at home. The hubby might think he's "neutral" on the subject, but the reality is that there isn't much neutrality in a relationship. Almost everything has either a positive or negative impact. Most people don't understand that.

    As for work - have you tried applying for disability? You can't run your body to the breaking point. Pushing ourselves to the limits of our endurance will make us sicker, faster.

    Good luck to ya!!!
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    Oh I so understand how you feel. Trying to manage the physical and emotional parts of this and then get up, go to work - oh it's so hard. I wonder how I'll make it through another day sometimes.

    Since you're on Vicodin already, (what dose are you on?) the only suggestion I would make regarding pain medications is asking your Dr. about an extended release/long acting med. It really has helped me (and many others here) a lot. You would use your Vicodin for breakthrough pain.

    Depending on your Dr.'s views on this, that is something I'd definitely bring up. You need a steady stream of meds - it will greatly help the peaks and valleys that the shorter acting meds leave you with.

    The other suggestions are wonderful as well. It stinks that pain medications are a necessity for most of us, but it's the way it is.
    You've GOT to get some relief. When your body gets some relief, it will help your mind as well.

    Let us know how your appt goes!!
    You are NOT alone. I work full time now (was part time) and also another part time job from home. I'm exhausted to say the least.

    PS. Does the xanax make you sleepy during the day?

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    I sure can relate to your suffering, I don't see how you are able to work. Your body is telling you to slow down is there anyway you can take some time off? I went through the same thing, took 3 months off and tried to go back to work was only able to work one day, then tried part time had to give that up. I finally filed for disability and it took a long time but I got it. I wanted to work so bad and felt there was no way financially I could stop work but I had no choice I had pushed to long and hard .. I am in the worse financial shape I have ever been but I had to do it...

    Guess what I am trying to say is please not push your body to the breaking point cause once you do seems there is no healing or if there is it takes a long time. I feel if I had taken the time in the beginning I might at least have some type of life now. It has been 6 years or longer since I stopped work and I have very few good days.

    There was no medicine or anything that seemed to help, when you push and crash your body has to have the healing time . At this point with me I feel there is no getting better. Maybe some improvement but guess at my age I will suffer the rest of my life.

    I am sorry to sound so negative but this is my story. I do wish I had some good advice for you.. Oh, I do take xanax and found xanax to be the best medicine for me. It takes the edge off enough for me to deal with this darn disease, not that I am dealing very well.

    I do hope your doctor will have a new direction for you, keep us posted.

    God Bless,
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    if you're obsessed with this site, you know what i'm going to ask (lol).....did your illness start with a flu-like infection?

  10. FMsaddenedspirit

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    Hello KnewBerry . and all..
    I am with you on this. .. I am sorry things are so hard for you .. you sound like you and I are on the same boat..
    Work does me in to.... and I truly belive I am making myself worse by working.. but right now I have no choice. or lose everything. and I'm not ready to do that.. I keep telling myself just awhile longer . just need to get some things paid off. God will make a plan I'm sure ,,I trust. and have Faith..
    I personally and going to tackle the fatiuge part of this. I an making a Doc Apt this week and will insist on new bllod work . for thyroid , ect.. see what my Doc has to say.. maybe heavy metials. , I think If I could help in that area maybe it would help with the pain side of it. who knows.
    My Meds...
    Lyrica.. 3 times a day ... Max does. ( not sure its really doing anything )
    Perc 10/325 6 a day
    Busperion _ anity anixity meds
    High blood meds.
    High clorst.
    Soma. 325 up to 3 day if not sometimes more.
    Vit D .. 1600 units a day.
    Mulit Vit.
    going back on MSM

    anyway .. Best of luck my dear... Be Blessed.

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    I too am so tired of suffering. I hate that we all have to go through the pain we endure. I really do not know what else to say but I do pray and have faith for all that are on this board that we will see better days ahead.
    Keeping the Faith always,
    Faith Be blessed all of you and share the joys that we still do have.
  12. heidiTG

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    I totally empathise with you as I've experienced the exact same problem and much more. Five years ago everything I did physically was a struggle including driving my car. My doctor in the end didn't know how else to help me as I kept visiting him with new complaints on a weekly basis. Anyway to cut the long story short, I eventually decided to undertake a complete detox programme by Trish Samuel found at a good friend highly recommended which included a series of juice fasting with colon cleansing, liver cleansing, detoxing heavy metals etc from brain and the cell membranes, restoring the pH of the blood to Alkaline and of course resting a much as possible. Needless to say, by following these techniques my life has never been the same, I run, dance and even enjoy work without the constant battles with exhaustion and pain. I colon cleanse with an enema at least once every two weeks to keep the pathogens at bay but generally you could give this a go and maybe it may work for you too.

    Best Wishes
  13. monkeykat

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    Hi Heidi,

    My doctor is an extremely kind and understanding person. He wrote a book called, "The Bowersox Protocol for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue". His name is H. Jon Bowersox, DO.

    He uses a homepathic protocol that is really helpful for many people with Fibromyalgia and says that a large percentage of people with Fibromyalgia have gotten better on his protocol. I cannot verify that but all I know is that he is a really kind doctor to me.

    Sadly, my main illness is CFIDS and I developed FMS and MCS on top of it and his protocol didn't help me.

    You could find his book on Amazon and read about the homeopathic protocol. Easy to do and not that expensive. Most people only have to follow the protocol for a matter of months so it's not a long term expense and it may be worth trying.

    If you read the book, do research and find it's something you want to do than you can order talk to his office and order his protocol over the phone.

  14. italiano

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    Yes, I am tired of dealing with it too. I cut back to part time and even on days home it makes no difference....pain all the time and through the entire body, bones, muscles, everything.
    I see that someone listed lyrica and perc. I was just wondering if anyone else takes Lyrica along with a pain med? i did not realize that was ok. Does it help? I really appreciate feedback.
  15. cfsgeorge

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    research the medication, Xyrem, by jazz pharmaceuticals.

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