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    I guess I just have alot to learn about this because I am so new and I am so angry right now I just don't know what to do. My kids are lost because I am not the same mom I was 6 months ago. I have lost my job and it just seems that one bad thing after another keeps happening and I just don't know where else to turn to because no one can tell me anything that will help to tell me when I will feel like me again. I have tried different kinds of meds to control the pain but nothing seems to work for very long or does not work at all. So what do I do now? I just seem so lost. I just wish that I could understand why did this happen to me. I have tried very hard to stay healthy for my kids and now I worry about them everyday. So what do I do?
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    I know how overwhelming these diagnoses can be. You did not say but it seems your Dx may be FM. And you did not put your age.

    In terms of telling you how long it will last, every person is different. Thus the doctors cannot give you an answer. And why it happened to you is not possible to answer either. Both FM and CFS are "syndromes" - a collection of symptoms without a specific cause. In fact to arrive at the diagnosis, things have to be ruled out. FM seems to get better over time for some. But for others it gets worse.

    This board will give you lots of ideas to try. I'd suggest you post with a different title, more like what you want to know - supplements, pacing, sleep issues, etc. are all possible topics. Also read the information at the top of the page - what worked for me, etc. will give you hints. And there are articles in the files here - although I don't know how to get there from here.

    Hope this helps a little.

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    You have to learn to be stronger then the pain and dont let it run u.Ive had this for 11yrs now and have been through alot.All the tests and meds and nothing ever makes it go away completely,it gets very very hard to deal with.You get tired of explaining yourself and having other loook at u like there is nothing wrong.What i have found works for me is what i call me time.Find time for myself and thank god for what i have.Knowing there are others out there with alot worse.That and heat is my best friend.Always remember your not alone.
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    You're definitely in a place that we've all been - you are NOT alone, so please take a little bit of comfort in that. TRY not to do the 'why me?' thing - it does no good and there are no answers, at least none that you'll realize right off the bat. You may have a significant impact on one person - that may be YOUR reason, who knows.

    Your kids will learn to adjust, just as you will learn to adjust. That is a huge part of this illness, learning to adjust to the changes that take place in your life.

    Could you give us some more information? Do you have a good Dr.? a good support system?
    Are you able to sleep?

    This is definitely a great place to be - lots of information, lots of support. We all learn from each other - so please jump in and answer other people's posts as well.
    Remember, when you're struggling, having a terrible day, there's the rest of us here, in the same boat as you. I know it may not seem that helpful, but it has helped me many times.

    Hope to learn more about you!