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    I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. I've tried everything I can think of and still have all over pain in my body and days I have brain fog. I don't have any energy and a lot of days I just sit. I was never like this before and I hate myself for being like this. Along with this sometimes I fight depression because I am this way. What do I do? I t
    Go to my doctor ,he takes blood work and says everything looks fine. So I feel like an idiot!!
    I take a multi daily but doesn't help.
    Don't know who or what to turn to .
    Thank you, any suggestions?
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    See a functional medicine or integrative medicine doc. They should check your thyroid, your adrenals, your cortisol levels, vitamin D levels, folate and B12 levels and other stuff that most MDs know little about. Learn about your own blood work, don't rely on your doctor. e.g., if your MCV (mean corpuscular volume) level on your annual blood work is high-normal, in the normal range but near the top, that can indicate a folate and/or B12 deficiency. Low B12 contributes to brain fog. Many people need thyroid support but there is wide disagreement by the doctors on what are normal levels - another reason to see a functional or integrative medicine doctor.

    Your adrenals may be weak, and again your regular MD won't pick up on this.

    One place to find an IM doctor is to go to and do a search under "Health resources" for physicians in your area.

    Also, a chiropractor who does muscle testing helped me a lot with weak adrenals and a few other things. A good place to start to find one is to go to the Standard Process website and use their search feature for practitioners who use their products, who generally do muscle testing.

    Do a search on this board for brain fog and see what others are doing.

    Good luck -
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    Don't hate yourself for being like this. It's not your choice to be like this it is the condition of the body. You are still the valuable person you always have been you'll just have to find new ways to express it. Moodswings are pretty 'normal' and there is no need to identify with them. They come and go and are often simply a physical state of being that influences you mentally, not the other way around.

    What helped me most concerning pain is finding out what foodintolerances I have and sticking to a strict diet and pacing myself without pushing to the limits, but taking of plenty of rest in between before reaching the limit, but it can ofcourse be completely different for you as it is for everyone.

    Just don't hate yourself for feeling this way. It's tough enough without hating yourself to deal with daily life. Just treat yourself as you would treat a loved one if they came to you with what you are facing with. I wish you well in finding some sort of relief.

    Just remember, we are called human BEings for a reason, not human DO ings. Even if you can't do anything doesn't mean you can't BE anyone. You are still you regardless of what you do. And that TO matters.
  4. one day at a time, thats all we can do
    i took some pills the dr gave me to help me with pep, drank those with a 5 hour energy, had some good coffe afterwardsm and still took a nap, thats all we can do is nap
    so be safe and cheer up k, it could be worse
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    you should consult the doctor and get good solutions for your problem.

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