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Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by mynamesmichele, Feb 2, 2013.

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    Hi I'm new but I need help. Tuesday I had a sore throat. Then the next day I started to feel achy and very tired. I went to the DR and she only spoke with me for less than 5 minutes (not very helpful). I don't have strep but I did have a 99F degree fever. Today I am finally feeling better, I just have the sore throat/neck.

    My Q's are:
    Is this a cold or flu?
    How much longer until I get better?
    Could this turn into a "stomach flu" or are they two separate illnesses?
    Would it be a bad idea to go out for a little bit with my friends? I don't plan on drinking, I just want to get out of the house and feel like a normal person again.

    Thank you all
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    ProHealth doesn't provide any doctors or health professionals to answers posts on these boards. So your answers are from regular people just like you.

    No one here can predict what anything you have may turn into and all your questions are ones for your doctor.

    You can call your doctor's office and with the physical exam he took (and looking at your throat) and blood pressure, temp and other info, he can provide answers to your questions. Good luck.