Sick hubby I'm worried

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lurkernomore, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. lurkernomore

    lurkernomore New Member

    Okay, I apologize if I alarmed you all too much. It's just that hubby never gets sick and on the rare ocassions he does, I totally freak.

    So here is the deal. For about two weeks now he has been errrr, trying to avoid too TMI, bathroom issues. Not quite as often as I do when I have an IBS flare, but several times a day.

    Today we were driving home and he never said a word. Once we got home he just said "I don't feel good, but I can't describe it, just kind of flu-ish." I took his temp right then and it was 99.3. I took it again an hour later and it was 100.

    I gave him two Tylenols and he is sleeping now. But I am worried. I have not been able to drink enough today so I checked his skin turgor and I am quite sure he is not dehydrated...yet. I suspect it may be a case of gastro.Trying to get him to go to a doctor is like pulling teeth.

    Okay, that is all. I am just worried and have no one here to talk to about this. Thanks for listening to my woes!
  2. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    Sorry you and your husband are not feeling well. Maybe it is some sort of virus. If it does not go away by Monday maybe you should both get checked by the doctor.

    At least they will do blood work which will indicate if there is infection in your body.

    Many cities now have 24 hour "Urgent Care" offices open seven days a week. You can both go in tomorrow see a doctor.

    I can understand why you are concerned......

  3. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    and the man at our local taco bell told me how he was ill since the 4th of july///he felt th chill coming on//

    it seems so strange to me but people seemed to be getting ill sooner than the typical flu/cold season..

    well try to be his nursemaid for now...and if he doesn't get better he should just go to the dr.

  4. lurkernomore

    lurkernomore New Member

    Thank you both for your replies. My husband rarely ever gets ill and when he does, I don't cope very well. He is my rock.

    To PVLady, thanks so much for your concern, but it's only my husband who seems to have this. I have the same ole, same ole, but he has something totally different. He will go to the doctor tomorrow. If I call and make the appt. he won;t have a choice, ha ha!

    Again, I thank you both for responding. I am sure he'll be fine. He just hasn't been this sick in a very long time.
  5. dleaning

    dleaning New Member

    I hope your husband feels better soon!!! Maybe something he ate? I know around where I live there has been a stomach bug going around. Hopefully it is nothing major!!!

    Keep us posted on how he is doing, OK?

    You are in my thoughts!!

  6. mme_curie68

    mme_curie68 New Member


    I know how you feel. My hubby is my rock also and when he gets sick, part of me worries and part of me wants to strangle him because he won't do what needs to be done to get himself better.

    I have to do the same thing, call and make the appointment for him, hand him the first dose of Tylenol or cold medicine.

    We've been married a decade, and whenever one of us does something for the other, we joke about whether or not the action is "in the contract" - for example, mowing the lawn (not that I can't do it) is in his "contract". Cleaning the bathroom and cat box (not that he can't do it) is in my "contract".

    So last time he was sick I joked that giving him his first dose of medicine must be in my contract because he never starts taking anything unless I force him to take it first!

    LOL - hope he feels better soon. Will probably perk right up as soon as he's supposed to see the doctor.

    Madame Curie
  7. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Sorry about this. Is it humid. The humidity makes me have this sort of thing plus I am eating a lot of berry fruit right now, but no fever, yet humidity can push that up.

    Hope all will be well. I go to the bathroom every time I see a toilet it seems-I sometimes wonder why.

    All the fruit and veg?

    Love Anne Cromwell
  8. lurkernomore

    lurkernomore New Member

    You all have just been fantastic! I know I have possibly overreacted, but he just is not snapping back like he always has before.

    Last night as we drove home from church he was weaving all over the road. I had already asked if he wanted me to drive because he had mentioned feeling light headed. But no, being the control freak that he is, he insisited on driving. When the weaving started I gave him two coices, either pull over and let me drive or let me out because he may have a death wish, but I didn't.

    He pulled over and I started driving and five minutes later, he was sound asleep. Great, huh? He slept then from when we got home at 8:30 and got up at 6:30 for work, then insisted he was going through with his comittment to teach Bible School this week. So guess who went with him? Yes, tired, aching all over and head was throbbing, but I was not about to let him go alone.

    Everyone who saw him at church told him he did not look well. He has huge dark circles under his eyes, his eyes look sunken and yet he absolutely had a fit when I told him I was making him a doctor's appt. for tomorrow. But he did agree to go on Wednesday.

    So I guess this means I will be going to Bible School for three hours a night all week, unless the doctor tells him he has no business teaching this year. (And really, he doesn't.)

    The stress and his lack of cooperation has sent my blood sugars out the roof. I love him to bits and the worry is making me crazy. But hopefully, he will go to the doctor Wednesday and we will find out what all this is about. His color just is not good at all. It sounds weird to say but he looks kind of gray-ish looking. Well, time to rouse him from his recliner and tell him to go to bed. Why do men have to be so stubborn about going to the doctor anyway?
  9. lurkernomore

    lurkernomore New Member

    I had to go into the lab this morning and have my own bloodwork done. Oh and it was such fun. It was not because of that, but I did not sleep a wink last night and had to begin fasting at midnight, so I was not feeling as if I really should have even driven, but I had no choice, so off I went.

    I had to have my HBA1C (diabetes levels) done, my cholesterol levels checked, Digoxin levels and testing for a mild case of anemia I seem to have developed. So altogether, I had four vials of blood drawn after fasting since yesterday evening.I was not feeling very spry when I was ready to leave the doctor's office.

    Then it dawned on me that my husband had said if I could get him an appt. for tomorrow, he could get out of a meeting to go. So I went to the desk and tried, but the earliest appt. I could get for him is on Thursday morning.

    He "says" he is feeling better and all that, but I want him checked out anyway. I will not be at peace until the doctor says he is okay after a thorough exam, because he is still very pale and has those dark circles under his eyes. If he were not sleeping, I could dismiss that, but he is sleeping more than he normally does.

    So that is the latest on my sicky husband. As for me, I am taking myself, and what blood I have left and taking a good, long nap!
  10. lurkernomore

    lurkernomore New Member

    Just giving this a bump in hopes that it doesn't get lost in the shuffle. Man, this board moves fast! :)
  11. lurkernomore

    lurkernomore New Member

    Once again, purely for my self indulgent desire for some responses and replies. Tomorrow is when hubby goes to the doctor and he is still not feeling well and looking pale and sleeping a lot. Prayers would be very much appreciated. Thank you!
  12. lurkernomore

    lurkernomore New Member

    Please, just a few prayers for my husband?
  13. shootingstar

    shootingstar New Member

    I know how worried you must be. Hope the doctor's appointment goes well.
  14. lurkernomore

    lurkernomore New Member

    You know, I don't quite understand how this board works. All I wanted was some prayers and perhaps to get a little support for my fears. And yet, I bumped and bumped and bumped and it still would not make it to the first page.

    I am worried, maybe and hopefully needlessly, but he is my rock, the one who has always taken care of me, done anything in the world he could to make my life easier and that is what I want for him now.

    I checked his skin turgor tonight and I am fairly well convinced that he is dehydrated. He falls asleep two minutes after he sits down. This is not the high energy guy that I know. Thank you again for the prayers. It made my night. I am feeling just a little invisible on the board right now and could really use some encouragement.
  15. lurkernomore

    lurkernomore New Member

    I really did appreciate it. I am exhausted now so won't go into it all and the news from the doctor is still iffy and we won't know anything until all test results come back just yet.

    But we did get a surprise we didn't expect. He also had a kidney problem and yes, even the C word was mentioned. I'll still take those prayers please for him, if anyone is reading. Thank you again, for those who did respond.
  16. suzetal

    suzetal New Member

    My DH is the same way when hes ill he will not go to the doctors.

    One morning at 2 am a few months ago he was real sick.I insisted on going to the ER.He went thank God he did .

    They called in a surgeon and he had his appendix out.It was ready to burst he never told me before that night that he was not well.

    He does not like to worry me .He knows that worry and stress make my FM flare.

    They also found an mummer in his heart and said for him to see a cardiologist.Do you think he has NO NO he has not.

    I have told him I would rather he take care of himself and see a doctor than for me to loose him.

    I do not know what I would do without him.

    So I understand your fears.Try and get him to a doctor you will both feel better if he does.

    Prayers for you and your DH.May all be well with him.

    Come here anytime to talk .Most of us are in and out all day.

    Take care .......Sue
  17. lurkernomore

    lurkernomore New Member

    Actually, I did make sure he went to the doctor today. That was where we heard the "C" word as a possibility. He had a urinalysis and another to be done in two weeks. Plus, add to that, the stress that we will not know the results of the bloodwork that was done today until Wednesday and arrrggghhhhh, I am very close to my wit's end!

    Now why would he have been walking around with this pain that goes all the way from his side to his back and never mention it until he got in the doctor's office today? I just don't get this!
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  18. IntuneJune

    IntuneJune New Member

    Keep us posted. Prayers for you and hubby....

    That is a long time to wait for blood work, did the doctor schedule an appointment for hubby to come back for an appointment to review the work?

  19. suzetal

    suzetal New Member

    My prayers and thoughts are with you.I hope and pray all will turn out fine.

    Hang in there.I know how you feel.Men they need to feel so macho .

    For Every Day A New Dawn Will Come........Sue
  20. lurkernomore

    lurkernomore New Member

    The way test results are given now just blow my mind. You are given a slip of paper with the lab's number on it with the date you are to call. Then you type in an ID# along with your SS# and they give you the results.

    As I said, this blows my mind for a couple of reasons. Anyone who knew your SS# could call and get your test results. (Anyone there ever heard of the Hippa laws?) The other reason is, what is the news is not good? You really want to be told this by a stranger or a robot over the telephone?

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