Sick in Newfoundland , Canada

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  1. joanie19595

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    I am having chronic sleep problems . Does anybody know if it is realistic for me to come off my sleep aids , I am also perimenopausal still at 54 years old ? I have a doctor who knows nothing about CFS and is not interested in learning.
  2. TigerLilea

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    What are you using for sleep?
  3. howess

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    some sleep aids dont work for me.
  4. jumpshot

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    I have to take meds so they have me take large dose of Neurontin / .50 klonopin at bedtime. Neurontin and klon. are 2 or most used for CFIDS cause they work on the brain in some fashion that is per my lst doctor (paul cheney m.d. ph.d. ) I changed drs. he wasn't helping me any jumpshot