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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by KJ2003, Oct 13, 2005.

  1. KJ2003

    KJ2003 New Member

    Hi all,

    I went to the doctor today. I haven't been feeling good this week, especially the past two days. I have a bad cough and thought I might have a slight fever this morning so I called Kay (my nurse) to see if they could fit me in and, luckily, they were able to see me this afternoon.

    Shortly before I drove to the doctor's office, I began to have body aches and thought I was getting a flare.

    Turns out, I have a 102 degree temp and chronic bronchitis bordering on pneumonia. He put me on a Z pack and I'm off work until Monday, at least.

    You know, the bad part is...I had pneumonia a few years back and it just about leveled me. But I feel so bad these days that I just figured it was a cold and a flare.

    I know I should be in bed and not on the computer but I cannot sleep at all. When I do hit the pillow, I'm sure I'll stay there a while but I...maybe you'll understand...feel too yucky to lie down. As long as I focus on something else, it doesn't seem as bad.

    If I write any more, I'll be rambling but I just needed to come here because I know you folks would be kind and always are...and I wanted to feel a hug.

    Ok...the two-year old in me will stop jabbering.


  2. LollieBoo

    LollieBoo New Member

    headed your way! Bless your heart- I had pneumonia twice this past winter and isn't it funny how those of us with FM get so used to minimizing our discomfort that we can talk ourselves into accepting bronchitis/ pneumonia as a cold!

    Take care, stay warm and sleep, sleep, sleep!

  3. jaltair

    jaltair New Member

    Here is hoping that you will soon be better in every way. In addition to hugs, I'm sending you many good thoughts and prayer that Father will hold you close in comfort. Let us all know how you are doing . . .

    L & More hugs, Jeannette
  4. jennypee

    jennypee New Member

    You poor Kim! I'm not familiar with your posts yet, but my heart goes out to you-- being all double-sick sucks. Here are eight hundred million hugs. If I knew you and had any energy I'd feel your head for fever and feed you buttered toast and soup.


  5. rigby

    rigby New Member

    Here a hug that want hurt(((huges to you))) Haven't had pneumonia or bronchitis for a few years thank goodness.
  6. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    Many gentle Hugs and prayers for you!

    Also check out things around the house. I can not use very many soaps,deodorants, cleaners, no smelly things to make my house smell better. Others in my family can not visit me with perfume and such on. I have to throw out magazines or offers in mail as they some times have scents in them. I was promised by one magazine that I would get ones with out perfume, etc. samples......but that only worked part of the time. So I no longer subscribe.
    All causes my sinuses to act up, drainage makes my throat sore. Also aggravates my IBS. Eyes will itch, then my face and I feel my throat closing and I want to sleep. Can not think right then.
    My hubby had a hard time at first on eliminating certain products. Now days he can not stand them either.

    No this does not cause pneumonia////but it sure can make you feel worse.

    I am glad when others posts when they are extra down and need a HUG or such. You are a part of us. We care.
    Love, Hugs, Prayers 2 u and all of us
  7. JLH

    JLH New Member


    I'm certainly glad that you went to the doctor today! You most definitely needed to!

    I had chronic bronchitis last December and it kept me down for 4 or 5 weeks! It was awful!

    I hope your able to sleep later on so you can stay in bed and rest awhile.

    Take your meds and rest ....

    Hope you get to feeling better soon!

  8. Smiffy

    Smiffy Member


    Hope you will soon be feeling better, sending you lots & lots of gentle hugs
  9. rileyearl

    rileyearl New Member

    Hey Kim,

    I'm in the same exact boat, except I haven't faced reality and called the doctor about it yet. I'm in the middle of treatment at the Seattle FFC and I don't want my nosy old family doctor to know about all the new pills I'm taking. He thinks nutritional supplements are a waste of time. Talk about your old school.

    I had pneumonia a little over 2 years ago, too. I didn't know a person could get so weak! I pulled my Albuteral inhaler out awhile ago and tried it. Sure enough, I could breathe better.

    I can't sleep either. I hope the z-pack does it for you. Rest rest rest!

    Here's a big hug!

  10. SoxFan

    SoxFan New Member

    It's just awful that you're so EXTRA sick on top of being REGULAR sick!!

    Take good care of yourself, honey. Have your daughter bring you hot tea and trashy magazines!

    - Susan
  11. Kinsie

    Kinsie New Member

    I know you feel awful. I hope you'll start to improve really soon.

    Take care, (from your friend in Texarkana).


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