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    I just can't seem to get rid of this dizzyness!! It's driving me crazy!! Docs don't really know what it is so it has to be anxiety. Grant it I do have anxiety, but why does everything they can't figure out have to be a result of anxiety??? So annoying when you think it's something else...

    I'm not on meds, my thyroid levels were fine last time they were checked (October), MRI was normal, what is it? It began though when I started Paxil back in October. Got off all antidepressants same month cause I couldn't stand it (was also a spaced out feeling as well). Now spaced out feeling is gone but dizzyness ermains. It comes and goes in severity, but never has been gone for more than 2 days. Can't seem to figure it out...

    It's like my head is just not right. Nothing is spinning, just feel dizzy or disoriented inside my head. Doesn't matter if I'm sitting, standing, lying down... Some pressure is usually somewhere, like my eyes, top of my head, bridge of my nose, base of my skull... Another weird thing is that it was really bd this morning until I had a bowel movement and then it eased up a bit. still here though. Will it ever end??? Sorry needed to whine...

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    This sounds like it could be Paxil withdrawl. It can last quite a while. There is tons of stuff here and on the 'net about it; just do a search.

    It will get better but sometimes you need the help of a Doctor who understands how to deal with this.

    Good luck
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    My Mom has been suffering from dizziness for over 2 weeks now. And she has been to the ER twice because of it. The first time she got really dizzy right after seeing her won doctor for a check up.

    Mom is 79 yrs old and is on blood thinners and pregisone. The first trip to the ER she had every known blood test to man done and a IV as well. Then she had a CAT scan . Every thing came back normal for her age. Yet a couple of days later she woke up and felt no dizziness but didn't have any control over her muscles and would flop over when she would try to just sit up.

    So again we took her to the ER.This time no IV but more blood work was done as well as a MRI. Just like the last visit all was normal and there was nothing wrong. She could not stay in the hospital as medicare would not pay as there was no DX.

    She needed round the clock care but as there was no realy DX no rehab unit would pay or let us have home health care. So I spent 5 days at her home taking care of her. And then comming home to sleep at night . My daughter and her husband live with my Mom so at nights my daughter would have to help her .

    Finally mom was thinking she is going nuts .She called my Aunt and my Aunt told her that she has the same thing virtigo but that it was caused a by a crystal that was lodged in her ear canal. She is doing exercises for her ears with her eye's.

    I know your thinking crystals in your ears and doing PT for your ears with your eye's Your NUTS!
    But it is really true. Mom went to a ENT and he checked her out and every thing was normal so he sent her to a special PT for exercises for her ears. Now since you can't lift weights and do sit ups with your ears you have to do the exericse's with your eye's.

    But there is a condition called Nastamis { SP?} what it is:you have three tiny canals in your ears that are filled with fluid and at the bottom is a spot called the house that has the hairs in it and as the fluid moves threw the tiny hairs they sway like trees in a breese, on the tiny hairs are christals that fall off and usually fall to the bottom of the house and are reasorbed.But some times when a chrystal falls off it will go in to one of the 3 canals and it makes you feel as if the room is moving and your dizzy.

    They can check for this by laying you on your back, and putting your head in funny positions and you have to keep you eye's open and yes it does make you dizzer but if you have this nastamis your eye's will twitch baack and forth and the therapist will trun you to the side that the crystal is in and with in two minutes your dizzinee will be gone.

    I know that this all sounds strange but go and find a EAr NOse and throat doctor and have him check you out and ask him about crystals in your ears and how to fix it.

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    As far as Paxil, I was only on it for 5 days. The dizzyness and weight loss were so bad I stopped it and switched to something else and only lasted a few days on that as well. So I dunno about withdrawal after only two weeks off and on ssris. But sure it coul be possible. Docs felt like you can't have witdrawal after that short of time...

    As far as an mri, I had one and everything looked a ok.

    I've been to an ent and he said there were no sinus or ear problems so i don't know if I should go back and insist on more tests.

    The whole thing is such a pain... Man i hoe it will end soon. Thanks for all the replies. Just pray that I stay strong in dealing with this.

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    Hi Erica,
    This may or may not be Paxil withdrawl but just to let you know, I had the same thing happen with Zoloft, a similar drug. I was only on it for 5 days and I was on the lowest dose. Of course, the Doctor said I could stop it immediately because of side effects.
    I had similar symptoms to yours for at least 6 weeks. It gradually got better. It might be worth checking out some of the imformation on Paxil withdrawl.
    Whatever it is, I hope that you find an answer soon.

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    I took interest in your post- especially the part where you said that you felt some relief with a bowel movement.

    I have had this on and off my whole life and have had all kinds of tests, but nothing was found.

    I had the dizziness really bad in 1997 and they said that I had multiple sinus infections. Eventually, it subsided, but lately I, too, am feeling the nausea here and there. I can pin point some meds that I am taking, but truthfully, I am taking totally different meds.

    I'm not sure of the answer, but I can tell you that the dizziness did occur after paxil- months and months afterward.

    The only strange thing is the relief that you feel after moving your bowels. I can't help but wonder if it might be associated with IBS- I always thought that mine was.

    Please keep me posted... I believe that everything is related- I knew this back in 1997 and in 2004 when I was diagnosed, it all seemed to make sense.

    I am feeling some relief with probiotics.
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    Vertigo was one of my first symptoms of FMS. Dizziness is just nausea. Vertigo is when your off balanced and cannot walk straight, can't stand up without leaning or falling. If this is what your feeling its vertigo. I had this for a year and one day it was just gone. Hang in there!
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    I feel EXACTLY like u.
    my day is non stop dizzy, a disorientation feeling, balance problems, light headed like my blood pressure is dropping, pressure that fluctuates in intensity on the top of my skull, irritability, concentration/memory issues. And yes, I have chronic anxiety too...but i cant believe all this is from anxiety!

    You are right...everything is anxiety related when they dont know why we have it. symptoms all 20+ of them along with my murmur and intolerance to heat, inability to sweat, etc...scream dysautonomia.

    My diagnosis from my doc is CFS,,,,from my specialist is Chronic Lyme, but I KNOW dysautonomia plays a big part in it.

    I felt this way even before I started antibiotics 2 weeks ago for supposed "lyme"...but i do noticed the low blood pressure sensation and shortness of breath more now on the rx.


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    i know exactly how you feel. at the beginning of november i was eating a burger while sitting on my bed. i got up to do something and had this sinking dizzy feeling. it progressively got worse and for two months i could not walk anyplace but around my home. i could barely drive and experienced a few weeks where i couldn't. my husband had to get off from his job a few days to pick my daughter up from school. i was nauseous and could not eat. i lost about 15 pounds. i ended up in the emergency room. they treated me like i was wasting their time. it was diagnosed as benign vertigo. i had fluid in my inner ear and so they figured this was the cause. i was given antivert and anitnausea medicine.

    time and rest helped. i have hypoglycemia so not being able to eat made it worse. last week was the first time i noticed that i could walk around without feeling nauseous or like i would fall. this week has been much better. i am lightheaded a little but nothing to complain about. i did notice that when i took ambien at night, it would go away. i tried to stop the ambien right before the episode started so it could be withdrawal. who knows.

  11. monicaz49

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    ive had this but its been my worst symptom and debilitating since mid december. i am in tears and scared every day. Just ran to my docs office cause im so peeved that they dont care this is happenening to me! She just refered me back to the neurologist yet again.
    Im nervous to walk, even sitting i have a dizzy sensation. Every day all day.
    Wish i knew why.
    Wish i had a good doctor that cared
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    My Rheumy gave me Alavert to take when I'm really dizzy. I think he calls it Viral Vertigo. Anyway, it does help, but it knocks me on my I try not to take it too often.
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    To Erica:

    I know you posted this a long time ago, but I just came across it. I was wondering if after all this time you are still dizzy. I didn't realize I was on the fibromyalgia website. I have never been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, but I have been chronically dizzy 24/7 for the last 7 years. It is the exact same dizziness you describe. More of a swaying no matter what I am doing with pressure, usually at the back of my head and sometimes across the bridge of my nose. I will tell you that, in the last 7 years, I have had ever test known to man done and seen about 20 specialists including 5 neurologist and 3 ENTs. I have had 2 brain MRIs, a cervical spine MRI, a CT scan of my sinuses, balance and hearing testing, and blood work galore. I still do not have a diagnosis. I have also been diagnosed with anxiety and take Remeron to help me sleep, but who wouldn't have anxiety if they had to be dizzy 24 hours a day!!&lt;BR&gt;
    For your sake, I hope you recovered. I am still waiting for the day and really have often thought that I don't think it is possible for me to live like this much children give me the strength to go on living...I would love to hear from you..There are not very many people like us. Julie from BC.
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    how do you guys even function??? i have had this dizziness/disorientation, just completely spaced out feeling 24/7 for the past year - it all started exactly last June and it has absolutely been the worst year of my life - i've gone through every test you could imagine, and i am pretty certain it's from mold that was in my office (everyone else got sick also) but it's just not going away and i'm absolutely devastated - i've also had a &quot;shaky&quot; feeling, just feeling like i'm going to pass out all the time - i basically feel like i've had several drinks and just feel out of it. &lt;BR&gt;
    Erica i REALLY hope you're doing much better as that post was written in 06!!! but for anyone else dealing with these problems please advise on ANYTHING that has helped, or feel free to write about anything. this has been the hardest symptom that i have ever had to deal with, and would love any support possible on this, and i'm sure the same for you as well. it's so hard. &lt;BR&gt;
    best wishes - &lt;BR&gt;
  15. springwater

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    I suffered horrible bouts of dizziness and nausea for about a year. &lt;BR&gt;
    during that time i either had constipation really painful ones or diarrioeah.&lt;BR&gt;
    it was hell. i couldnt eat anything except banana and bread and boiled&lt;BR&gt;
    chickpeas. nothing came up in my MRIs or x rays. but my endoscopy showed&lt;BR&gt;
    little sores in my stomach and intestine.&lt;BR&gt;
    funnily enough after doing those tests, and taking the antacid and tranquilizer&lt;BR&gt;
    the gastroenterologist gave me, i just got better. probably because i was so&lt;BR&gt;
    relieved i didnt have a more serious condition like cancer? i was sick one&lt;BR&gt;
    day and got better the next. it was weird and oh so welcome after a year of&lt;BR&gt;
    absolute hell where i was down to 39 kgs in body weight from an always &lt;BR&gt;
    low 45.&lt;BR&gt;
    pls check for stomach issues and yes, my stomach issues were the result&lt;BR&gt;
    of anxiety and stress, that year i lost both my father and father in law to &lt;BR&gt;
    cancer and heart attack respectively.&lt;BR&gt;
    during the following months i used to sometimes get feelings of panic &lt;BR&gt;
    attack, flutter stomach, lightheadedness, but as soon as i would practise&lt;BR&gt;
    regular breathing, it would settle down. &lt;BR&gt;
    have never had a dizzy spel since then. maybe once or twice when i ate&lt;BR&gt;
    too much chilli and it was too hot outside.&lt;BR&gt;
    good luck.&lt;BR&gt;
    God Bless
  16. Mikie

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    Any new symptom needs to be checked out just to be safe. Good luck to you.&lt;BR&gt;
    Love, Mikie
  17. little

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    i started to see a neuro doc last week. she said that it was vertigo but wants me to have a mri to rule out anything else. reading the posts here, mine started right after i stopped taking paxil about eight years ago. i couldnt stand the side effects. it took three months for most of the symptons to stop. some never did. the dizziness started for 20 mins once every couple of years. i didnt get them that often. but now when i do get them they last a day in a half. does this affect anyones driving. i dont like going out of the house now that they are more often. mine usually start when i am standing. three weeks ago i had three in one week thats why i went to the doctors. sometimes they affect my eye sight. I Dont think that my head has felt right since i took paxel. I dont take you as whinning. our body has so many weird things that they experience, we get scared because we dont understand them. fibro is a terrible thing to have to live with. especially when we have to deal with this alone. my family dont believe in fibro, i am just a lazy person who sits on her , you know what for the last 40 years. my daughter,43, told me that two weeks ago. If i was then how could i have gotten workerscomp and ssd 21 years ago. they are hard to get. oh well. have a great day Erica.
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    You might want to ask for a tilt table test. Drinking more cool water really helped my issues with dizziness. It raises your blood volume and thus makes you feel better. An easy, cheap fix.