Sick of being hurt and sick so easily

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by Jeramy, Sep 15, 2011.

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    Don't you get tired of being so delicate? Most of the time I just ignore how easily I bruise or feel pain from a casual bump or random aches I get in my joints through the day. BUT, some days I get really fed up with how easily my body reacts.
    Today my neighbor was out looking for her dog. I was outside, the dog came along and I called him to me. He wouldn't come so I went to him and started to pet him and guide him away from the street. He bit my hand. It wasn't little either. drew blood in two places and I still had bleeding after and hour. I put ice on it, Arnica and took an ibuprofin. My hand is still numb and stings and I feel sort of weak and faint. (Probably the stress response.)
    I know the dog bite will heal and he doesn't have rabies, but I'm just venting about how I (We fibro folk) get affected so easily.
    So here I sit throbbing and feeling a bit dizzy. But I'm managing to type!
    I'd love to hear some similar stories. Let's commiserate...
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    so sorry you had that awful experience. but an animal bite should always be checked by your doctor. it has nothing to do with rabies. something about the saliva in an animals mouth. please get it checked. love, joanie