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  1. jenniferand2

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    i am sick of being in pain and my doc wont perscribe habbit forming pain meds what do i do. i cant take the pain anymore. should i find a new doc?
  2. Janalynn

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    Find someone who knows that yes we may need pain meds for a very long time. My doctor told me from the very beginning that I may need pain meds for a good long time. Sometimes we may need opiates. There are many articles written on the subject. It's unfortunate, but sometimes it's the only thing that helps. None of us wish we had to take them. (I think I can speak for most people)

    Have you considered going to a pain mgmt clinic?
  3. dragon06

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    you should find a new doctor. Untreated chronic pain can cause lots of problems to our bodies and brains. You need a doc that understand this and will treat you with whatever medication is necessary, be this opiates or something else.

    I am currently treated with regular meds, opiates, muscle relaxers, anti-spasmodics, and sleep meds...most of these are habit forming and I am fully aware that I may be on them for the rest of my life (my mom also has FM and is on them too). I also understand that over the years there may come times when I have to up the dosage of my meds (as had already happened with my sleep meds).

    You need a doctor that will understand all this.

    When looking for a the doctors offices ahead of time and ask 1) If the doctor treats patients with FM and chronic pain issues and 2) if the doctor is willing to take you on long term. Getting these 2 questions out of the way in the beginning will make finding a doc easier without having to leave your house at first.
  4. jenniferand2

    jenniferand2 New Member

    i have nev3er heard of one believe it or not. i was just dxed last week.
  5. jenniferand2

    jenniferand2 New Member

    thanks for your support i will tell this guy to shit or get off the pot as i say lol ty jen
  6. bellydonna

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    I hate that you had the bad experiences but I love you for writing to us.
    I have taken +++++++++++++++++++prescriptions for a long time and I worry about that.

    Please tell me how you found your herbal practitioner. If you feel like it/up to it please tell some of the herbals.

    (This is in response to the poster who lost evryting, moved to Alaska and is now off prescriptions and on herbals)

  7. jmq

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    I think I remember when you moved out to Alaska!!! I am so happy to hear you are doing so well. That was a huge move and you were worried about the health care. That is an amazing and inspiring story.

    I feel like half of my problems are realted to medications...and possibly supplements. I just cant sort it out without a doctors help...and all they do is give me another rx.

    I do not know how to stop them without help.

  8. dragon06

    dragon06 New Member

    I just want to say it might be a good idea to try and find a balance between meds and supplements as well. A lot of people write and are either on one side or another.

    Some people can get by on only supplements, vitamins, eating healthy and so on. And some people need medications as well.

    Yes medications can cause some long term problems but we don't even know what some supplements can do in the future for as long as we take them. Just like meds some are proven and some are new.

    I think there is a lot to be said for finding a balance between the two. I don't think one really has to choose one or the other. As long as you keep your doctor apprised of everything you take so there are no reactions it could be an option.
  9. Janalynn

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    As with anything, whether it's pain medications, all the other medications or "natural" supplements, many things can harm us long term. Natural doesn't automatically mean not harmful. Opium is natural.
    I spoke with my rheumatologist this week about my pain meds and asked about the safety issue. He said they were actually very safe for my body (and my organs) if taken as directed. Now I do not take anything containing Tylenol.THAT is what is harmful for the liver. I take Oxycodone without Tylenol. I am also not on anything else the other poster is on except for Topamax (was that listed?)

    The havoc that pain causes on our bodies is unbelievable.
    Whatever route you choose doesn't matter - it's finding something that gives YOU some relief. Living in constant pain is not living.
  10. charming

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    I have to confess I sometimes want darvocets to get me through my 8hrs. shift I am a nurse asst and helping people who's sick or disable takes a toll on my body, but I had no painkillers since 2005 just motrin and gabapentin and I'm trying to not take the motrin on my off night. I'm very proud to here that most of you ladies are realizing that we are diagnosed with fibromyalgia and understand that narcotics and opiods does not take the pain away it just cover the pain and makes it stronger when the medication wear off.I BELIEVE THAT MY KIDNEY OR LIVER IS BECOMMING OFF BALANCE FROM THE MEDICATION I USE TO TAKE.nortriptyline (antidepressant with muscle relaxer) and motrin i been taken motrin before I was diagnosed in 1999-2005 and now back taken them.I also was taken darvocets for 2yrs. and I just started taken gabapentin last year I stop taken nortriptyline a couple of months ago and glad I did I could not function on it I had to stop taken it.