Sick of Being Sick

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by stick2013, Sep 26, 2008.

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    I am just so sick of being sick...

    I have been in and out of my Dr's office for yrs it seems and they keep diagnosing me with everything under the sun...I was bitten by a tick, the Dr states that because it wasn't engorged that I do not have lyme.

    Symptoms and Diagnosis.

    Carpel Tunnel (both wrist)
    Stiff neck
    Have had a lymph node removed. Dr said it was indicitive of cat stratch fever( I don't own a cat)
    Eye Twitching both eyes.
    Twitching in thighs
    Vertigo rarely but yes.
    Benign positional vertigo...Suffering from it for the last 2 months.
    Reoccuring Virial Meningitis 6 or 7 times in the last 30 yrs, It is supposed to hit ONLY in the months of July - Sept. I have had it in Jan & Feb.
    I am so tired by 7 pm at night I am in bed.
    Hair thinning out. Used to have my hair thinned by hairdresser, now I wish she could PUT IT BACK!!!!!!!
    Memory issue. Having trouble recalling words, forgetting names and such, Have to write EVERYTHING down and hope I can remember my list.

    I am post memopausal but still having hot flashes and night sweats.

    I am sure that there is more, I just can't remember... LOL!!!!!!

    Any thoughts??????
  2. victoria

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    a Diagnosis of Lyme or any other tick born infection should be a clinical one... you need to find a good LLMD who has seen a lot of pts, as these diseases overlap and it's more likely to have more than one.

    Ticks are dirty critters, and they can give you bartonella (aka 'cat scratch fever', called that because the rashes looks like scratches literally, but there are over 30 varieties and obviously you don't need a cat).

    Some other common tickborn infections are mycoplasma, babesia, ehrlichiosis etc... if you look down the first or second page of this board, I made a post that listed most of the infections ticks can carry.

    95% of insect/vector born infections are carried by ticks. West Nile Virus caused by mosquitoes only represents 2%!

    Hope you find a good doctor, and you can find some answers.

    all the best,

  3. stick2013

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    I went to my Nurse Practitioner last week and she FLAT out refused to do a Western Blot... She did order a titer test though, plus a list of other things that she is testing me for.

    If I can't get anywhere with her, I am seeing my Neurologist next week for something entirely different, I will ask his opinion....
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    I do hope your titer comes back positive, because unless you have a LLMD, your regular doctor will NOT order a westert blot. The IDSA says you must have a positive titer in order to follow up with the WB

    Go for the Igenex test - just order the kit and have some doctor or other sign off. I know that it can be difficult to get them to, but what do they have to lose???
  5. stick2013

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    My titer came back negative, so I guess that's it. She is blaming all of my symptoms on Fibromyalgia.

    Still feel like crap, and probably will for the rest of my life... I guess i should be grateful my titer was negative, Lyme is not a pleasant thing to have, and I feel for all of you that have it.

    Thanks for the help....