Sick Of Being Treated Like A Drug Addict

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by FibroPainSufferer, Mar 11, 2007.

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    I just can’t figure it out!!! When I was first diagnosed with fibro & my mother and sister saw the pain I was in, they both said “Go see another doctor!!!” because they know people with fibro who don’t live in as much pain. So 3 weeks ago I finally see a new doctor who not only tells me he believes I have fibro but that my MRI shows that there is something really wrong with my back. He was the 3rd doctor to see my MRI results & the first to say there’s something wrong. He even said to me “you must be in a lot of pain!”So my new doctor increased my vicodin & gave me oxycontin to take at bedtime. I’m doing so much better that I was able to drive almost 2 hours yesterday to visit my mom & help her with her house, her & her husband just redid their house & she needed help with cleaning, moving things, etc...Since being diagnosed with fibro, I have NOT been able to visit my mom, let alone do cleaning & physical work, her husband kept sending me emails all last week about coming up & helping them, so I did. But then this morning, me & my mom got to talking about the very first doctor I saw who told me my back was fine & only prescribed Tylenol with codeine. I mentioned it did nothing to relive my pain & her reply was “Well, that’s because people go to the doctor just to get pain medicine” and then gave me a look like she was referring to me.

    What the heck! This happened this morning & I’m still mad!!! Without any pain medicine, I would be in SEVERE pain, with a small dose of pain meds, I’m limited to what I can do. With the increase of my pain meds, I’m now able to visit my mom. I use to hear all the time from her “you never come to visit me.” I think she’s still going through menopause but COME ON!!!

    I feel like I just can’t win here & I’m so mad!!! She just told me three weeks ago that she thought I finally found a good doctor & she was happy! I just want to SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!! And she has to wonder why I don’t come to visit more often??? Ugh!!!!!!
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    How sad it is to know that your own family thinks that because you are suddenly able to so some of the "Normal " this you once did , thanks to the pain meds you have to take.

    Then when you change a bit and are tired or sleepy or your flaring and can't think straight it is all because of my addiction to my pain meds.

    My hubby tells me that because I will fall alseep when i am talking to my daughters after I have woke up early and had to take my meds including my muscle relaxant that I am addicted. OF course I am going to be sleepy I just took a soma and it makes me sleepy. But it does not have any thing to do with me being addicted to my pain meds.

    I get told about this addiction even though I can on a good day not need to take my Mscontin and MSIR for up to 16 hours between dose's. I slowed down on the amount I was taking after my wrist had healed and suddenly I found that I had a whole full bottle of my pain meds and what did I do with it?

    I smashed every single one of them and flushed them . But accourding to my family I am addicted to my pain pills, I am not addicted ,but I am dependant on them,.

    They make my life bearable so that I can lift my granddaughter who is 2 months old, or play with my 2 year old grandson. I am albe to drive a car and take my mom to the doctor. And I can function but I don't remember things like I once did. Is is from the meds or from the fibro & pain? You tell me.
    Remember your not alone in this.
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    stay away from her for awhile. Your mother should lift your spirits not let them down. You don't need to be around people that cause you added stress, even if it is your mother. Some people are just hard headed and are going to think what they think and that's it. Only you know what your body is going through. Don't let her or anyone else get to you.

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    they are right... dont go there and just distance yourself for awhile. Yuo really cant change their minds and you dont need the stress rhat comes with that -so there really isnt anything you can do but stay away for now.

    What I might say ... "Oh yeah I have been reading alot and the experts are saying that people are coming down with fibro left and right... oh I HOPE YOU DONT GET THIS!!! But You MIGHT!! If you do... I will be there for you though. You DO NOT WANT THIS!! Maybe that will make them see that they CAN get it- anybody can!

    Good luck...and your not alone!
    Betty D.
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    hi sufferer,
    so glad you found the dosage to help you function! I sure know where you are coming from, my mom always says "you have to get off those drugs, that's your whole problem!" And others, esp. pharmacy staff, act like they need to call the DEA everytime you pick up a script, because "you look fine" so you are obviously a junkie!

    I do need to throw in an opinion here though. Although i wasn't there to hear tone of voice, facial express., etc. --i wonder if you are being overly sensitive to that one comment, since your mom and sis were supportive before and understood your pain, perhaps your mom (and i hope so!) only meant what she said "that first doc only gave you mild meds because people DO go just to get meds", people in general, and not actually referring to you.

    That really is the reason docs are reluctant to start off with anything strong, and hopefully that is all your mom meant and, since we are ALWAYS being treated like junkies, maybe you took it personally.

    I mention this only because I am overly sensitive to peoples comments on this subject, so i know that i personally would (and often have!) overeact to a statement like this also. I would hate to see you lose any family support (it IS so hard to come by!), if you have it, over a misunderstanding.

    I hope that they are thrilled that you have found some relief and ability to function again, and surely must recognize that you are NOT one of "those people" but one that truly needs the med to be a functioning family member and must be really grateful that you were able to help out.

    I hope you have continued relief with your new med. dose--just don't OVERDO now that you found soething that works, it is a tendency we all have when we finally get some relief to try to "make up for alot of lost time" with housework, fam. obligations, etc. Take care and have a great day--L
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    I was just talking about this with my Mom today.

    I have been on the same dose of hydrocodone for so long now. Everytime I goto my Rheumy he asks if the Vicodin is still working and i tell him no...Ive been on them too long they worked in the beginning but not anymore.

    When I ask for something stronger...Ive even asked if there is pure hydrocodone or anything higher than 10 mg (he lied about both...I found out you can get them from a compound pharmacy) he answered no. And then he always pushes some medication that is used off-label for fibro pain. Sometimes one that I used unsuccesfully once already!

    Im sorry that your family is coming down hard on you. Im having just the opposite problem. My current doc isnt being understanding but my parents are. My mom has had her fill with this BS that my rheumy puts me thru. Now Im trying Lyrica and I havent been able to eat in 2 weeks what a normal person eats in a day. And I warned him that I tried Neurontin years ago and my body couldnt handle it.

    The drama never ends!

    Take care,

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