sick of feeling sick

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by vnr27, Jul 11, 2003.

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    does anyone feel ok then a leg hurts ten an arm or bask pain cant take a deep breathsomtimes ribs hurt,so on im always feeling a weird pain and my family thinks i make it up i have 6 kids alot of panic attacks and keep running to my doc who looks like hes sick ofme ive had fibro over 4 years im just sick of being sick and having no one to talk to my family makes fun like fibro not a real diease,if anyone knows more then i do please let me knowim at my wits end tanx valerie
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    Definitely yes....every day it seems I have a new wierd pain! Most of the time they go away in a day or two.

    My ribs hurt every morning....I just know it's from my bed and/or sleeping position. Do yours hurt all day?

    Are you being treated for the fibro? How about for your anxiety and panic attacks?

    I quit running to my doctor for every ache and pain a long time ago. There's too many of them! For me, most of them just disappear anyway.

    You'll see many posts on this message board about family members not believing us and not supporting us. That's one reason we come here.......for support! At least here we'll be taken seriously and not treated like a nut case or a hypochondriac!

    Hope you feel better....a least a little anyway!
    Take care and hang in there

  3. Susan07

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    ups and downs
    migrates from one part to another
    dull pain, pain, then "take your breath away" pain
    only had 1 panic attack - associated w/odors

    Hey, you've got us to vent with and yes it's real it's why we're all here.

    You can print some stuff from here explaining fibro and give to your family.

    Hang in there.
  4. Shirl

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    Hi Valerie, welcome to our world! We all live like you described. I think I can speak for all the thousands of people that pass through this board that we could all say the same thing.

    Four years? I have had this for over twenty years. YOu think you are tired of it??? Join the crowd.

    People who do not suffer from this illness cannot understand how we feel. But on this board you will find a lot of support. We are all suffering in one way or the other all the time.

    Yes, one day I feel like I could climb a mountain (if they had one in Louisiana :), then the next day I can't get out of bed.

    Its ups and downs all the time.

    Again, welcome to the board, and I do hope you stay with us. Lots of well informed people here, and we will try to help as much as we can.................

    Shalom, Shirl