Sick of Fibro-pain

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    I had Toxoplasmosis in 1980, Mono in 1983; was diagnosed with FM in about 1995-6, tested positive for carpal tunnel in both wrists (worse in left), bursitis in left shoulder, Thoracic outlet syndrome on left side, constant pain in left upper shoulder and left side of neck. In June my doctor also diagnosed Hypothyroidism and put me on Synthroid. My eyebrows have grown back!

    I have been going to PT for the bursitis and TOS. During the first visit, she noticed that my left leg was visibly longer than the right and was surprised that my back is straight. I have always had some hypermobility, being able to 'pop' my hips out, or so it felt. Always had pain in hips. My shoulders are straight across too but I am ambi-dextrous.

    I can't sleep on either side for the pain, and have trouble sleeping on my back, but it's the only option. I wear earplugs because the slightest noise bothers me. I do wake up every couple hours still anyway. I used to be up every hour.

    My fingers always hurt too, worse in the AM. My family does have history of Arthritis but my mother said that's not what she felt when she started getting it.

    I've read books on FM and decided to ditch the massive IBUPROFIN and try stuff like Co Q-10, L-Lysine, Antioxidants, Melatonin or Valerian, etc. and also cutting coffee & sugar intake.

    In 1993 I became Vegan and was vegan for about 7 years. Now I only have a little cheese once in a while, and I might eat something made with eggs, but I eat no other animal product. Maybe eating all that Soy is a problem, I don't know. But I will NOT eat meat, not an option for me.

    From what I have read, the FM could have come as a result of a virus, the thyroid problem, nutrition, or my sleep problems.

    I've read another thread here about the PSOAS muscle and I will ask my PT about it next week. This morning I could barely get out of bed - it's the worst I've felt in years.

    I need to sleep - can anyone share what they do for sleep?
    I need to not have this pain everywhere - any other ideas besides massive doses of Ibuprofin?

    I know I could read through every post here, but really, I can't. I'm just so sick of it all. I spent a lot of time in the Garden this year and will do so next too, and I know that some of the pain might stem from that but what am I supposed to do - lay on the couch and die?

    Thanks for listening (reading) and any suggestions...
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    Not sure what to tell you about relieving the pain, as I am still searching for an answer.
    One thing that has helped me with sleep however is Effexor. It is an antidepressant. My dr. decided that I am not depressed, but if taken in a low dose, Effexor doesn't work as an antidepressant. What is does do is help me sleep. I take the lowest dose, 37.5 mg. in the morning with breakfast. I have had absolutely no side effects. I stay awake all day, and sleep like a baby at night. It feels like a natural sleep, too. I don't feel like I'm taking a drug.
    I've also noticed that I have more energy and stay awake during the day. My headaches are totally gone, which is wonderful, but I still have that all over achiness, as well as some pretty bad pain in my neck.
    I can't say if Effexor is right for you, but it may be worth a try. A good nights sleep will go a long way to making you feel better.
    Best of luck, lmn

    ps I'm sick of fibro pain, too![This Message was Edited on 09/04/2003]
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    Hi, welcome to our board. There is a product sold here called, ZMA, which helps with both sleep and pain. It also works well with sleep meds like the Klonopin I take for sleep, anxiety, sensory overload, tinnitus, and muscle spasms.

    Eating too much soy can interfere with thyroid function and isn't really good for us. If you eat a combination of corn and beans, your diet will be balanced in amino acids. That is why the Mayan diet and Mexican diet are heavy in corn and beans.

    There is a lot to be learned from this great website to help you. Our members are the best!

    Are you from Ogllalla? All my family on both sides are from North Platte.

    Love, Mikie

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    ............helps with sleep and acheness............wle
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    Hi Mikie,

    no, but my brother gave me an Indian name years ago. Supposedly it means "scattered woman" which I guess he saw in me years ago! He is "spiritually Cheyenne" and has lived in the West for over 30 years. I live on the East Coast in New England.

    What is ZMA? Is it a combination of minerals or vitamins?

    My doctor gave me Trazadone years ago but I still woke up a lot and felt like I weighed 1000 pounds. I stopped taking it and tried Valerian. Valerian worked for a while... well, I still woke up a lot, but at least I was falling asleep.

    Now I have read the Ibuprofin interferes with sleep! That's what my DR gave me for the bursitis. arghh!

    I'll try more rice and beans and stop with the soy for a while.... Thanks
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    The ZMA is a supplement with zinc, magnesium aspertate, and vitamin B-6. There are other ZMA forumlas out there , but they do not all work like the one sold here.

    Love, Mikie