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    I am so amazed at all these prescription drugs advertising on tv and what my friends have been prescribed. The side affects amaze me. And how these drugs are being used for other uses than what they are initially intended for. (why are there drugs on the market that may cause one to be suicidal????) And I am even more amazed at how some folks do not bother to read the insert, having complete faith in a doctor who's only doing what he's suppose to be doing, prescribing drugs that the pharmaceutical companies 'tell' him to prescribe. It's like poisoning those who are desperate for help. I have been reading a lot on various things, not just on the net, and listening to folks that are concerned. I have read that in our drinking water, there are high levels of anti depressants that they have discovered at the filtration plants. My concerns is what if they can't filter out all those drugs/chemicals? We have to bath, do laundry, dishes, etc., it would be quite expensive to have to buy bottled water for all of that. Has anyone ever thought that even those nuclear reactor disasters in some way or another affect the entire globe and our health? If we really took a close look at how we live our lives and what we consume or breathe or are exposed to day after day, we could see we are slowly being poisoned in every way imaginable. If it isn't msg, it's mercury, if it isn't the air we breath, it's the meds we need. We are so consumed in it, that there's no way out.
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    If you tell yourself that the work is a sick, sick world and continually find all the negatives, eventually you risk never being able to find the positives and there are many. We don't have to be "consumed . . there's no way out."

    If your doctor(s) is "prescribing drugs that the pharmaceutical companies 'tell' him to prescribe," then it is time to dump your doctor(s)--that's not a doctor, it's a robot. Many pharmacy plans became very strict in which drugs can be prescribed to keep costs down and counteract TV pharmacy.

    But we must never forget that we are not children and have to hold ourselves responsible to not buy everything that TV sells--just like we carefully view our mail and things in our e-mail in box and on the internet, we have to view TV the same way, including TV pharmacy. We also have to teach our children that too. I've never gone rushing out to buy "Hydroxycut" that was advertised on TV (and glad I didn't as I believe it was recalled) and we have the restraint with TV Pharmacy too.

    The useful side of TV pharmacy is for people with those conditions that they see on TV pharmacy and never discussed with their doctors. It may help them to have the conversations with their doctors that they have been too embarrassed to have. They will probably require tests before any further action is taken.

    Also, we as the patients should try very hard to take a major role in "partnering" in our health care to learn about our ailments, asking questions of our doctors and asking for all the options so we can make decisions. Truly if the patient is not discussing their conditions and medications with their doctors, and also reading the literature provided with the medications and provided by most pharmacies and many times also provided by the manufacturer, then the patient has to also start with themselves involving responsibility. We can't blame everyone else, if we do not get involved and partner in our own health. If the patient is unable to interact with the doctor due to medical ailments, then it is best to have another person or advocate with them for doctor's appointments.

    Unfortunately on the ProHealth boards, you're dealing with many people who are not seeking preventative health because they are already afflicted with several actual medical ailments they are being treated for. But what is good is that they get a chance to talk with others with the same or similar ailments. And because a person takes prescriptions AS DIRECTED for medical ailments does not make them a bad person, a foolish person or a person who is an addict. It makes them a person with a medical ailment(s) and that's okay.

    Previously I posted a thread right on this board about the collection of discarded drugs in cities throughout the U.S. and it was a safe and good way to help keep drugs out of our water system. For a long time, people flushed medications as a way to dispose of them. That is being discouraged as they wind up in our water systems--I wish they would more widely publicize this and have more drug collection days as it would help.

    This world is faced with many wonders, both good and bad. We have a wonderful park near us with a man-made lake. They have bubblers in the lake and monitor the water regularly and drain it at times. All the ducks and geese migrate here and it is fantastic. There are some great things out there. Hugs.