Sick, Tired and Fed up in Tennessee

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    Hello, I am new here but I am so disgusted that I had to find someplace to come for help even if it is just venting with people who can understand. I am 38 yr old Female who has suffered with hip/leg pains and a popping in both hips for as long as I can remember. My grandma raised me on social security so going to a doctor was unheard of in my family. During pregnancy with my first child (1988)I had problems supporting the weight and would fall down out of the blue. After she was born I developed severe migraines...probably from living with an abusive husband and trying to protect my child as best I could. About the time I was getting brave enough to leave I found I was pregnant again(1991). Same as before with the falling only this time it started much earlier in the pregnancy. I would take a step and literally go down from lack of support in my hips. After she was born I had so much trouble carrying her around that I had to see a bone doc. He diagnosed snapping hip syndrome and said it wasn't suppose to be painful and there was really nothing I could do about it other than have surgery. I was seperated by this time and couldn't be out of work. Still had so much stress at my home. I lived in constant terror and even slept with a hammer under my pillow. I am sure this did not help anything! I meanwhile had several diagnosis of tendonitus as well as cervical cancer cells removed and surgery on my wrist where I the muscles were literally knotting up and forming hard knots.
    A couple of years later I became pregnant again and this time had severe problems climbing the stairs to my apt. After the baby was born I continued to go to docs who just didn't know what to do with me. I remember sitting and crying halfway up the stairs because I couldn't carry him all the way up. So Devestating!
    At 5 mos old my son died from SIDS...another serious blow to my mental and physical abilities. During this time I had been seeing a Doc in Nashville who diagnosed me with tendonitus and bursitus in both hips...tole me I could have No more kids and if I was a large person I would've been in a wheel chair years ago. After Eli died I didn't make it back to that doc...instead I was seeing a psychiatrist...which I needed at the time and probably now too! girls moved in with their dad wanting to be a part of a family instead of the struggling he always filled them with the "if you lived here you could have this...."hey they are just kids I would've wanted all that cool stuff too! I fell apart at being alone and having to deal with everything. My legs continued to hurt to the point I could not get up sometimes so I went to another specialist that was closer. He suggested the surgery in which he would go in...snip the tendons and I would have a 2 inch scar and no more popping. I was desperate and agreed. I woke up with 8 inch scars and now the popping goes back and forth across my scars keeping them tender and it has been 6 yrs! I moved and went back to a doctor I had went to originally who told me my legs hurt because my son died! I could've scratched his eyes out! I remember sitting in that parking lot crying my eyes out until after dark feeling so alone and devestated.
    In the end of 97 I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia...finally all this crap had a name I was almost relieved. I had been treated like I had mental problems so long that it was about to become one! I have also been diagnosed with back spasms, tendonitus/bursitus, one leg longer than the other, IBS, Endometriosis,Biploar, OCD, cervical cancer cells removed 2...maybe 3 times. I have had 13 surgeries in the past 15 yrs.
    I am trying my best to work but it is getting so difficult. On New Years day I went into our local hospital with chest pains, difficulty breathing and blood pressure 173/117. I stayed for 24 hours and left with a roaring migraine from the nitro. I have no insurance and soon started recieving bills totalling more than $6500.00. The hospital told me if I paid cash they would reduce it by 50% but since I don't have $3000.00 handy I will have to pay the full amount. I have been turned down by Tenncare as well as individual health insurance companies. I can get no medical help and cannot afford to see any more doctors. I have had the migraine or whatever it is since my release from the hospital except for the one week I was on steroids. Their least expensive migraine medication is about to put me in the poorhouse!
    I am so sorry this is so long but it had to be to inform you of what I have been going through. At this point I am ready to give up totally...I don't know what else to do. Because we are (hubby & I) trying to work and make it we can get no help at all. In fact the state senators office told me to quit my job and lose my house and move into low income housing and then I MIGHT qualify for some kind of help...My house is not fancy but it is the home we chose...I do my grocery shopping at the save a lot stores so if I cut costs any more we don't eat! I am to the point where I am crying all the time and depression has taken over. I am truly lost with no where to go. I have been to my local help there either.
    Does anyone know of a doctor with true compassion in Tennessee or close enough to where I could get there? I can't find any savings plans available in my area even after asking my pharmacist. I don't know what to do or where to turn but I do feel like I am breaking down and I can't stop it.
    Any advice anyone? Thank You so much for listening...that is more than some doctors have done!
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    i have had hip pain since i was pregnant with my daughter in 93'.taking steps is very scary sometimes.thats the main reason i was seeing doctors in the first place,i was finally diagnosed with fms in 2000.all those years,and all the pain with no explanation,well,to say the least,i was relieved to find out it had a name,but the relief didn't last long,because,after that came the realization that it would never go is very hard to deal with,if you need somebody to talk to,my email is,,or you can add me to instant messenger if you want.~~~~~~glitter~~~~~~`
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    I might get bashed for this, but here goes. I used to work at a hospital. I've been from the ER to insurance and billing. I'm not saying don't pay the bill, but DON'T worry about the bill at the hospital. Pay them 10.00 a month if that's all you can pay. Their collection is internal and is not reported on credit reports. As long as you pay them something they can NOT harase you. If they do tell them your lawyer will be in touch.

    You and I have some things in common: back spasams, bipolar, OCD, pre-cervical CA and the worst FIBROMYALGIA!

    Oh yeah I live in Tennessee too.

    I'll be praying for've been thru a lot.

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    Hi Sweetie, first let me tell you I love your name, gypsy willow. Second, go straight to the federal goverment, by pass Tenn. Get a lawyer, they will take part of your settlement money for a fee. Tell them you want to go our on Social Security Disability. You definately have earned it. It is not a fast proceedure-it took me 6 years to find the ins and outs, but it helps so much. I have had two knee surgeries and a back, and SSI has saved my life literally. Let me know how things are going. Remember, God sees every tear and he cares. shmom
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    Dear Tam, I really need a friend also. Like your style and how you answered back, that is always important. I ALSO have gone through more than my share and it gets me down, but I keep on tramping, even though I have had many negative thoughts. Like what is the use, no one understands. I have Lupus, Fibromalgia, had cancer, chronic pain all over, spinal stenous, spondylosis, periperal neuropathy, dislocating shoulders , hip and back severe problems and etc. Forgot TMJ and fell and broke 5 teeth. I go 3 times a week to physical therapy, 2x to a chiropractor, who uses an activator, 3x/wk to the YMCA to exercise in a therapuetic pool, see a therapist, belong to womens group therapy, see a Rheumatologist, Psychiatrist, oncology GYNist, go to church, "PRAY", belong to a lupus support group, Fibromyalgia group, Cancer support group, Nami, Advisory Bd. for a Mental Institution, Advisory Board in the Mental Health dept., Advocate for all kinds of polictical issues and the Mentally ill. I have 2 Masters and am fighting not to be flat on my back. I collapse a lot but keep trying. I take computer classes at Continuing Educ. in a local college, plus other courses, such as, horticulture. This was cathartic for me. I am on SSDI, thus in trouble financially, Been divorced, live alone, and don't aLways eat right or take my medicine or pay bills __(with no money). Struggling to keep my house. All I can say to all this is:




    ******** IS NOT LIFE A MIRICLE********

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    Hello, Im new to these boards . It is good to know we are not alone. I have a 36 yo daughter with strange symptoms. Currently with swollen glands in neck that is really painful along with severe fatigue. I believe she has chronic epstein barre syndorm. Md unble to diagnose with anything. She has history of autoimmune diseases. Help please. Has anyone had similiar symptoms?