Sicker on whole protein and sulfur

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by DirkP, Apr 17, 2007.

  1. DirkP

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    can someone pls remind me of steps that may help in Yasko? protocol if small? subset PWC gets lots sicker - usually delayted like aerobic or mental exertion - after eating _whole_ protein foods (all 8 or 9 AAs)? And sicker on sulfur-related foods?

    Yucca, activated charcoal? does moly help? what else and has anyone really been able to eat more protein or staRt tolerating whey, sulfur, foods, lipoGSH (craSh bad on all) after Yuccas etc?

  2. DirkP

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    ty Carla

    Bromelain helps a bit and was thinking of some of trying some of the Enzymedica or similaR natto-k, lumbkinase, sertaapase (sp?)

    1/4 of Molybdenum? how many mgs? or cutting tablet? i started some liquid drops - will have to look at does

    oh and what about l-histidine?
  3. DirkP

    DirkP New Member

    Hi Carla. I don't know if I can clearly specify the adverse reaction - similar but maybe not exactly the same as aerobic or mental exertion (on my functional or 'good' days, I use a wheelchair and electric scooter for anything over 25 ft - rest of time I'm housebound/bedridden). I'll try to post something in my bio. I have HHV-6 and eleveated Mylein Basic Protein in my CSF, low V02, and more

    The neurotransmiter angle - Acetylcholine and others- have always interesetd me and would like to increase my knowledge on how to balance/stabilize them

    I hope they get studied more in CFS.

    Have you tried Yucca or Activated Charcoal? How'd that go?

    Cheers :) dirk

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