Sickle Cell Trait

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    I haven't posted on here in a very long time, but I recently found out I'm sickle cell trait. I am

    a 55 y/o white female. I gave blood at a blood drive and got a letter in a few days saying I

    was positive for the trait. The reason my blood was tested was because the Dr. that ordered

    blood ordered it without hgb s. My blood was then tested. I went to my NP and had a hgb

    eletrophoresis and it showed I was sickle cell trait. The reason I am posting this is because I

    have done some research on sickle cell trait and find some conflicting info. I have a Dr's

    appointment 10/02 and I am going to talk with him about it. With sickle cell disease the red

    blood cell will change into the shape of a sickle and can't flow like it should and this causes

    pain and other things. We treat a sickle cell crisis in the ER with oxygen, IV fluids and pain

    meds. The way my muscles and bones have ached all my life is leading me to believe that

    my problems are related to this trait. I wanted to share this on the board esp. since most

    people think only black people have this trait. Some other nationalities have it but it is more

    prominent in blacks. My unit of blood just happened to be tested or I wouldn't have ever


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