Sickly cats....What should be done?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ilovepink4, Sep 6, 2010.

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    We have 4 pets...2 dogs, 2 cats...the cats came from a shelter....we got the first one and he was so sweet that we went back and got his brother....they both came home with snotty noses and runny eyes...the first cat's sickness went away on its own....the second cat went to the vet and got medicine but i couldn[t get it down his throat...he fought me BAD!

    The vet said this is common in shelter cats and it may be something they have for their lives....after a few years, it was getting worse to the point you don' want them to sit on your lap because they shoot snot out due to constant sneezing....big blobs of is getting allover out is like superglue and it is really hard to clean up....there areplaces on the walls that will have to be scraped to get it off the drywall....

    the second cat has lost a ton of weight and is clearly failing....they are 6 years old....

    i haven't takent them to the vet because we just can't afford it....and the vet had already warned me that they might have this for their lifetime....

    my husband wants to have them put to sleep...he is sick of the snot and the litterbox(which i am in charge of ...yuck...and it is getting to be a bit much with the lifting and pouring of the heavy litter container and the daily sweeping of the floor and the cleaning of the concrete snot)

    I love the cats and they are really sweet boys....they are both very friendly....and they are happy.....they are eating, pooping, peeing, and have healthy is wasting away and is skin and bones....the other is fat cuz he is eating what theother one doesn't want....

    One of the girls that works at our house, helping with my daughter with the Cerebral palsy, said that those cats would have been long gone if they were snotting allover her house! and she said they would even be spreading disease to us...

    Should I give in and have them put to sleep? The super skinny one is on his way out, i think....every morning I look for him because I worry he won't wake up....they both cough and weeze but the skinny one is really bad...yet he still wants to be petted and picked up and purrs and wraps himself around my legs....

    I thought you all would be the PERFECT people to ask since you understand the physical demands of pets, but also the love we have for them since they are always here for us!

    Has anyone else had to get rid of/sell/ put to sleep/give away their pets due to FM/CFS? How long is it humane to keep them going if they are sick?

    I just had a thought. What if people wanted to put us to sleep since we are sick? We are a burden on our families. We have a poor quality of life.
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    you can usually find meds there way cheaper than the vets. i had some wild cats that had kittens and they had all that stuff.

    i managed to tame a few kittens and went to the feed store and got this yellow powder for thier eyes, its really cheap and got rid of thier eye infections.

    if you can give em a shot ( or find someone that will) try penicillin from the feed store, its cheap and it works.

    maybe that will keep your boys healthy for a while till they can kick the infection.that way you wont have to put them down.

  3. thecatswhiskers

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    I'm sorry to say but I don't think (in the sickly cat at least) that this is something that can be treated at home. It could either be The 'feline AIDS/leukeamia virus' which weakens a cats immune system and they can't then fight off simples viruses (therefore causing the long-standing snotty nose); these viruses at some point gain the upper hand. The only way of knowing if thus is the problem is a blood test (via your vet). If your cat is a fighter it can then pass it on to other cats (un-innoculated ones) in the neighbourhood through scratches/ bites etc. Even if your cat was immunised at the shelter for it, it could still have it via it's mum, especially if she was stray/ feral.

    The other option would be cat flu (or a combination of the 2.

    Sorry not to be more positive.

    Hope some of it helps.


    PS. Sometimes a good way to get meds into a reluctant cat is to crush/ squirt the medication and mix it into their food, then put it into the fridge to get well chilled before you serve it to them. Sometimes (depending on the substance!) the cold can take away the taste enough for them to eat it fine.

    Failing that, a 2 person job would be to wrap the cat tightly in a towel, then use a (needleless!) syringe to squirt the liquid in the side of their mouth. This method is a bit traumatic/ bit risky though so use it as a last resort.
    If it's antibiotics the cat needs the vet can administer a long acting injection (slow release).

    I'm in the UK though so things could be a bit different in the US.

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    I got a beautiful calico kitten from a shelter. She had the same thing, that went on for months. My vet called it kennel cough. After multiple trips to the vet, the last visit, they did all the blood work they could do (feline luk, feline aids, etc) which all came back clean. They gave her a pill to take and a pill gun, (something that was a god send in trying to get the pills down her mouth) and told me that it just may be something that she will have to live with.

    After a round of whatever it was they gave me, she got better. She lived with us for 7 years until I began breeding pomeranians and I found her a good home (a friend of a friend). To my knowledge, she is still doing well.

    My suggestion is this...go back to your vet, make sure they have ran all the tests possible. You can always get a second opinion from another vet, just as you would for yourself. If these cats are fairly young, there would be no need to put them down unless they are really really ill with something that is incurable.

    You can also go to a feed store or some kind of "all animal" store and speak to some people there. They might have some suggestions for you. My local feed store people are fantastic.

    As a dog breeder, I can tell you...I use a lot of off label medications. For example, I worm my dogs with a goat wormer (in smaller doses of course). You can try finding a cat breeder online and email them with questions. As a dog breeder, I dont care if you have one of my dogs or not, I will help where I can. My neighbor has a boxer and she calls me her alternate vet. She always come to me first, especially when she cant afford to go to the vet.

    Another thing...what food are they eating? Is it kibble or can? Is it good quality? This will make a difference too. By products are not good. If its not a good quality food, they are eating more to get full, but the fillers are what is filling them up and they arent getting nutrients. You can research cat foods online. If you want personal help, I would be glad to assist you in finding an affordable quality food for them. I am somewhat a self proclaimed expert (or at least more knowledgeable about whats good and what isnt when looking at a label).

    My dogs are spoiled rotten. They get the best that I can afford. I have a total of 7 and breed for show. Two of them are pets (they have been altered and dont breed). I spend more on their medical care then I do my own. Which might be the reason I am in the shape I am in. I havent had a litter in over a year because I am focusing on my health at the moment. But I still keep up on their routine health.

    The skinny one...have you checked for worms (I'm sure you have). You can try Dyne or Nutri-Cal. Dyne you can put on top of your food. Its a liquid, sweet and they love it. Same with Nutri-Cal. It's a paste in a tube like toothpaste. But its sweet and its chock full of vitamins and nutrients. There's no set amount to give them, but you wouldnt want to give them too much, could get sick from the sweetness, like a kid eating too much candy.

    You can give them benadryl for the kennel cough, .03 ml. That will help stop the cough and sneeze. You can get antibiotics from a feed store off label, like fish mox, which is amoxicillin for fish and give that to them...heck you can even take it yourself.
    Just some thoughts...if you wanna talk more, you can email me (email addresses not permitted, removed by moderator) and I will get back to you.

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    Shots for Feline Leukemia do NOT stop a cat from getting the disease. It only slows down the progression of it. I learnt this the hard way when my cat came down with it. Since then, I have stopped getting my cats immunized as I don't see the point. Humans do not get immunized once a year, and there is no reason for animals to either. This is strictly a money maker for the vets. The only exception is the Rabies shot.
  6. dzlady

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    I agree with you on the shots. There has been research done by Dr. Jane Bickley (could be a bit mistaken on the name spelling) that the titers that stay in the system and do not call for continuous vaccinations. Its a waste of money, except for rabies, to have yearly vaccinations done on your dog/ might as well shoot the vaccination on the ground. It actually sometimes suppresses the immune system. They get their initial antibodies from their mothers milk and do not require shots until they are about 8 weeks old. My dogs get shots at 8, 12, 16 weeks and then again at about 1 1/2 years old...then no more except for rabies. It is a money maker for vets, also makes them money when you buy their recommended food from their office. Most vets recommend science diet...what a joke. Its no better then some food you can buy at walmart for half the price. (i.e. kibbles and bits, alpo, pedigree, etc)

    I do recommend the initial puppy/kitten vaccinations, but that's it. However, I always say to do what you want and at least listen to your vet. Something I learned when I went from pet owner to breeder...when you're a breeder, you get better advice, cheaper prices, alternate drugs, etc. When I went in as a pet owner, I paid office visit of $28 plus whatever I have done for my pet. As a breeder, I very seldom pay the office visit, and I only pay what it costs the vet...their cost for rabies or when I purchased heartgard )which I now give an alternate drug, off label (off label meaning that its not used specifically for a dog)

    When my Missy had hip surgery, I got charged their cost for the drugs that was given to her, no kennel charge (she had to stay overnight) and 10 or 15 % off the actual charge for the surgery. It still cost me almost $500 for the surgery, but can you imagine what it would have cost had I just been a pet person?
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    A quick question.For those of you who don't give your kitty's annual immunizations,are they strictly indoor pets? My kitty likes to be outdoors a lot during the day. I've been getting her annual shots,however I'm now reconsidering,just from what I've read here. Always thought it was necessary if they go outside~~~Jeanne
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    I am absolutely overwhelmed at all the great advice you all had to share! Wouldn't it be awesome if I could turn this around and heal these two cats???

    Okay, to answer some questions, the cats are strictly house cats. They also were diagnosed with "kennel cough" when we first got them. I can't remember how many tests we had done on them. We brought them in for the first couple years for check ups but we just can't afford it now. I was afraid the vet would want to run a zillions tests and still wouldn't be able to help them!

    They are kind of odd because they dont' /won't eat anything else but their dry cat food! No tuna, no cat treats, nothing! And Dante, the really sick one doesn't play with toys. Binx loves to play.

    I wonder if the food thing is because they lived in the shelter from the time they were found as tiny kittens (abandoned) until they were about 1 year old. That is when we came and got them out of the stinky hell hole of a shelter....PHEW! It was a stinky place! But it was a no kill place so that is good.

    I think Dante doesn't play with toys because he never had them....

    i agree about the yearly shots...seems like overkill....our golden retriever/yellow lab had an allergic reaction to his shots at age 6 years....his first reaction. He had to be rushed back to the vet and given meds and an IV....and then, hours later, that evening, I had to call the vet and give him benedryl at home....

    the food they eat is Iams....they used to eat Purina....

    I will comb through all the suggestions and make a plan...the fact that Dante is eating and pooping and drinking and purring and walking around the house and up and down the stairs makes me think he isn't qyuite at death's door yet....but, he is just a bag of bones ...his fur is just gorgeous....they are solid black....his nose and his explosive snot is the problem....i can see him swallowing what i suspect is snot....his breath reeks of sick know, when you kids have a cold and they get that snot breath?

    his stools are always really soft and i think there is blood in them or something.....

    okay...thanks for the info and if you can think of anything else, let me know....i will keep you posted.


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