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    I had my appeal hearing on November 30th. I am very worried about it because I wasn't really given the chance to explain all of my limitations and my attorney only questioned me about 2 prior suicide attempts and alchol and drug use. I just find that very strange. Also the VE was given 6 senerios for me to be able to work any of my prior jobs. THE VE said yes to all but 1. the last one was "What if the ? (who ever I am as the claimant) missed a day of work each week." Then my attorney didn't rebut the other 5 scenerios, unlike he told me he would do in our meeting the week before. I only had like a minute or less to talk to him after the hearing and I asked him why he didn't rebute (Sorry I cannot spell anymore) the 5 scenerios and he said because the last one was enough. I have left two messages for him to call me back and he won't call me. I am so afraid I wasn't able to give enough information to the alj that I will lose and have to appeal to Virginia. My son and I will be homeless if I lose. MY Fibro and CFS are so so bad now I can barely work 10-15 hrs a week just to keep a roof over our heads. I always worked hard my whole life until I got FM in NOv of 2008. I would rather be missing any limb then to have this.

    Can somebody please let me know if the last scenerio will most likely get me a win. I am so worried and it's causing me major pain and flares.

    Thanks so much
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    to the board. I don't know much about Social Security Disability benefits.
    That's what we're talking about, right? It is my understanding that your
    attorney won't get paid unless he wins an award for you. I would think that
    would motivate him to do his very best.

    Have you visited the "Disability-Benefits" board? See the menu of topics
    in the upper left hand corner. Although that board is not as active as it
    used to be, there are probably lots of posts dealing with hearings and

    Good luck to you.