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    I thought I was nuts when I got intense side effects to most medications they put me on. I also found out i have an anxiety disorder. I tried for social security disability and was told no. Everytime I try to go out to work full time my body protests and I don't make it. I do work part time but it puts me in a tremendous amount of pain. Anyone have any feedback on this?
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    I have bad side effects to many (most) meds too.

    I wasn't surprised when my bro told me "FDA approval" does not mean a drug is safe, or even that it will work.
    He's a bio-med research scientist & university prof, with a doctorate in chemistry, so his opinion is quite reliable imo.
    Of course, some meds are very good & do exactly what they're supposed to! We just have to be careful & pay attention to our reactions & not let some doc convince us we're not really having a reaction.

    As for social security; They deny almost everybody. You have to appeal. When / if you win your appeal, they pay retroactively from the date you first applied.
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    I had a lupus doctor start me on a high dose of lupus medication years back and I spent the week vomiting. After that week, he had to reduce the dose because I couldn't take it. You can partner with your doctors and ask them to start off at weaker doses and slowly work up to see what your system will tolerate. If I had quit at the high dose of lupus med, I would have said "I just can't tolerate meds" but I hung in there and worked with the doctor to get the right dosage.

    Please don't give up yet.