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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by star273, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. star273

    star273 New Member

    I just found this website and signed up right away. I am so excited to have found somewhere I can go for help.
    I have alot of side pain and pelvic pain. Does anyone else have this? Also does anyone have most of their pain on one side of the body? Mine is almost always my right side.
  2. Bunchy

    Bunchy New Member

    Have you had a pelvic ultrasound just to be on the safe side?

    Also whereabouts and which side is the pain on? Is it stabbing, aching, dull?

    As for the FM pain I am worse on my left hand side, arm, shoulder, back and hip all worse on the left. It is common for the pain to be worse on one side of your body.

    Welcome to the board.

    Love Bunchy x
  3. star273

    star273 New Member

    No I have not had an ultra sound. I also have IBS and sometimes wonder if it is that.
    It is more of a dull ache but doesnt ache all of the time. My lower back hurts in the same place so I wonder if it radiates to the front also. It feels like a tight muscle. I dont mind going to the Dr. but I am sure that you understand the cost of going and they tell you the same thing, its nothing. Its always the fibro. It is on the side that aches and hurts the most. I am used to the pain in the usual spots but sometimes it goes somewhere else and I hate to run to the Dr. everytime. I am sure you know how I feel, sometimes you just take the pain for what it is and sometimes you think every little thing is something bad. Thanks for talking.
  4. poets

    poets Member

    I have the exact same side pain that you describe. It acts exactly like what you're describing only mine is on the left side. It can really get severe at times. I have diverticulosis but I don't think that accounts for all of the pain I get. I'm like you. I hate to run to the doctor every time I get a pain with this. The other night though, it got so bad I thought I may have to go get it checked out, but it left. This DD can be very strange!

  5. star273

    star273 New Member

    Thank you so much for letting me know that. I think it is just some part of the fibro and maybe some part of the IBS and diverticulitis. I think with this stuff we have we can have SO MANY different symptoms. Its just so hard to tell. Have you had any tests or an ultrasound?
  6. poets

    poets Member

    I had a scan a few years back when I had some really bad pain in my stomach. That's when they told me I had diverticulitis. The only other tests I had were a complete blood workup, (liver function, etc.) and an arthritis panel. They all came back normal. I suspect I may have a few gallstones too as I sometimes have pain in that region. I think some of my pelvic pain comes from my fusion on L-5.

  7. marti_zavala

    marti_zavala Member

    Some have widespread pain on both sides.

    Have you tried various things to see if it would go away on its own?

    like a muscle relaxer could tell you if its a strained muscle.

    a gall bladder cleanse could tell you if its stones.

    Also, Just because you have some weird thing, it doesn't always have to be this illness. You could have real issues that are unrelated such as appendicitis.

    We tend to downplay our issues and we must be careful.

    and welcome!
  8. star273

    star273 New Member

    What is a gallbladder cleanse? I think you are right about down playing things. But going to the Dr. for every little pain gets to be so much money. I have an appt and I will get it checked but the Dr. is out of town for 2 weeks. Would love to know about the gallbladder cleanse and how that works.

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