SIDS, Serotonin, and CFS/Sleep

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    Just a week or so ago there was an article on a study that looked at measuring the amount of serotonin in babies who had died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (I assume vs. other causes). It was determined that there was a 25% serotonin level reduction in SIDS babies -- essentially, their central nervous system did not respond normally when the body was higher in carbon dioxide, and the brain did not tell the body to breathe as efficiently as it should. The article made the point that serotonin plays a part in this regulation process.

    Hopefully, this is a step in determining babies at higher risk for SIDS in the future.

    But the real reason I posted this is, essentially isn't this saying that some babies (children? adults?) are at a greater risk for central-type (central nervous system-caused) apnea than others? Possibly due to a serotonin deficiency?

    And I know others here that have mentioned that it feels like their bodies stop 'remembering' to breathe on some occasions. I know that I have experienced this several times. And what should normally be an involuntary action (breathing), slides over to the 'voluntary' side for a bit. My husband has told me for years that he has observed me sleeping when I just stop breathing. It's not a matter of choking, or being obstructed, I just don't inhale.

    Two sleep studies showed that my blood oxygen/carbon dioxide levels didn't fall below the acceptable levels (fortunately), although they did show significant lack of stage 3/4 sleep. Unfortunately, when I read about central apnea, mostly what is written is that it is 'poorly understood' and 'difficult to cure'.

    I am on an AD for other reasons, but am pleased that the extra boost in serotonin might be helping in this area.[This Message was Edited on 02/06/2010]
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    Personally, think you may be right!


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