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    Reading these posts was so much like what my husband went thru when he had his gall bladder out. The x-rays did`nt even show the gall blader (it had deteriorated totaly) The bile duct was impacted with stones and he had a real rugged surgery and recovery,but he kept having attacks of hard pain. His specialist gave him a medication that has taken care of the problem and he can go out to eat again without having an attack or being concerned that he once again had to leave the table. If you are interested in the medication I will get the name from my husband in the morning.
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    yes, I would like the name of the med. It might be a med that is for the heart--that one is to take when you feel the attacks-but then the other med is levsin--for stomach spasms---
    i was given the heart med, but i don't want to take it---sometimes I will take levsin before eating certain foods and it helps. thanks