I go again!

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  1. Wednesday I go to court for SS Disability again. It had gone to the Federal Court and I thought that was the last step? I now have a hearing 2 days from now, it has been four years since I applied :(

    I dont know what I am feeling about this. I think wow if they grant me this I will have an income and they will back pay me for four years!! And then I think dont even get your hopes up silly it is just going to be the same.

    This is the last chance I have, the last time I will go to court. Prayer appreciated for the Judge to see the truth :)

    Thanks and much peace to all here !!!
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  2. I have had a lawyer through this whole process. The last time we went to court before a judge my attorney assured me everything would be fine. He had letters from two of my docs stating I should be put on permanent disability and to just relax. Well it was a stand in judge my attorney had never seen before. I said a few sentences to the judge and he just basically walk out on me and denied me. My attorney told me he was sorry and that was not fare?
    To my understanding the Federal Court did not agree on the judges decision and the court set me up another court date?
    I wish they would accept other proof of evidence besides doctors letters. Like the pictures my son draws of him playing video games and me sleeping (so embarrassing) Or when my son says "Why cant they stop trying to find a cure for cancer mom and look for a cure for your Fibromyalgia for awhile"? I told my son who is on the Autism spectrum "People try to raise awareness to things close to there heart like Cancer, Fibromyagia and Autism". He said why do they want to cure Autism...I like me just the way I am!"

    Last Monday and Tuesday I could not get my son to school due to my pain!! That is horrible..I cant even take care of him like I want to and they are questioning me on my ability to hold down a job? I want so bad to tell them I can barely take care of my son and daughter..what do I need to do to prove it to you all (the system)???

    Ugg just lost hope here and a bit anxious. I have to live in the same house as my ex husband (who makes me feel like crap about myself) becasue I cant hold down a job. I take care of my children and that is a chore in its self for me.

    Well I am done with this rant for now...
    Peace all

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    thats horrible that the judge didnt let you speak. your son is so cute to say that my gs is so sweet he marches to a different drummer i think he has a mild form of aspergers.

    when you go to court dont dress in your best dont wear makeup. answer honestly. it would be great if ex would go with you. hope you are successful. love gail
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    It's a nightmare. I know I could not have taken care of my kids alone. I wasn't
    working so I didn't have to go through the stress of disability.
    Four years, what a long time.



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