Sign Up For Free Online "Abundant Energy Summit": Aug 24-31 2015, Address Root Causes of Fatigue

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    Don't miss this!

    There will be lots of very valuable information on a daily basis from Functional Medicine Practitioners that get to the ROOT CAUSES of fatigue and other symptoms and teach you how to address them in order to recover.

    Usually during a Summit like this, each day's presentations is available for about 24 hours. You watch each day at your leisure.

    It would cost thousands of dollars to have appointments with all of these wise practitioners, so be sure to watch all you can for FREE!

    In the link below you will see all of the presenters and their topics. The incredible Dr Dietrich Klinghardt, Jeffrey Bland PhD (The Father of Functional Medicine), Tom O'Bryan DC, Izabella Wentz Pharm D, and SO many more practitioners will teach you more in a week than you could ever imagine!

    I have watched many similar online Summits and each one was packed full of amazing healing information. I have folders full of very helpful notes that I refer to all the time.

    You can sign up at this link. ProHealth is a sponsor of this awesome Summit. You will receive an email each day of the Summit with a link to that day's presentations.
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    Hi Nanie46- I just want thank you for putting up this link. I just signed up for the summit and listened to their introduction video, it sounds VERY interesting! I watch many of these kinds of summits, but had not heard of this one until you posted it.

    I encourage anyone that is dealing with fatigue to sign up for this. They usually have a 24-48 hour period after each live interview, where you can watch the videos at your leisure:). Jim
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  3. Nanie46

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    You're very welcome!

    I hope many others will join in and listen to the presentations also. It could be life changing.
  4. tamsyn2

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    The speakers were fantastic!!
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