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    Don't miss the Women's Gluten Free Summit!

    It takes place September 8th-12th and features some of the health industry's most influential leaders including Mark Hyman,MD , Amy Myers MD, The Blender Girl, Terry Wahls,MD, and The Paleo Mom!

    It says that each presentation is only 30 minutes long.

    Check it out here:
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    This gluten free Summit starts today, Monday, Sept 8.

    I listened to the 4 presentations and each was 30 minutes or less long, so it was easy and convenient.

    There was lots of good info today and I look forward to listening the rest of the week too.

    Today's topics were: "How Gluten Disrupts Healthy Thyroid Function" by Daniel Kalish, D.C., " How to Stop Gluten From Driving You to the Psychiatrist's Office" by Kelly Brogan, MD, ABIHM, "Done With Dairy:Simple Steps to Go Dairy Free" by Leanne Vogel, and "Finding the Key to Creating Your Own Unique Gluten Free Diet" by Tess Masters.
  3. Hey Nanie46 could you please describe the topics.
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    Hi Elizabeth,

    The Gluten Free Summit is over, it was in Sept 2014, although I think you can purchase the presentations.

    There will be an Autoimmune Summit free online from Nov 10-17 if you are interested. There will be 40+ presenters on many topics relating to autoimmune diseases. Here is the link in case you want to sign up for access to it.