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    In part it reads:
    "We, the undersigned, are gravely concerned by the new Infectious Disease Society’s (IDSA) guidelines on Lyme disease. These guidelines call for absolute reliance upon either the presentation of an Erythema migrans rash or positive serologic blood tests to diagnose Lyme disease and recommend severely limited courses of antibiotic treatment when either a rash or a positive test are present. They take the place of a longstanding policy of deference to the clinical discretion of the treating physician in both diagnosing and treating the disease...."

    see the rest at the above website.

    So far they have 33,913 signatures.... hope y'all add yours!

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    I hope everyone has signed the Lyme Crymes one too!
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    i will sign both right now
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    on LDA's site, there is a link on top to directly write to your federal reps as well. They do listen... I'm always sending letters. I almost always get a followup by email or snail mail outlining their position (if they have any - if they dont they just say, they'll take your letter into consideration).

    Remember every letter to a federal rep about an issue is statistically equal to at least 40 other voters with the same concern!


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