signing up for disibility questions please help

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    Ive been thinking about signing up.

    After you fill out the papers does your pain doctor and your other doctors need to fill something out too?

    Also after your done filing out the papers, what happens?

    How long does it take b-4 you get an interview? or an answer?

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    Hi dolfenn,

    When I joined this board, I asked the same question. Actually, someone posted a very good summary of applying for disability on the board and also listed the website.

    Let me go look at my profile and see if I can find it.

    If I can't, I'm sure someone will let you know. Also, if I can't, I'll come back and tell you.

    Take Care,
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    Hello dolfenn,

    I looked but couldn't find the information. What you can do is a search on SSDI. At the top of this board is Search and By: Type in different things such as disability, SSDI, SSD, etc. and you should find posts that people have posted on the topic.

    Please give that a try; I do believe you will get a lot of information.

    Good Luck,

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    To contact SSA used this website security This shold get you to the main page!!

    How long it takes depends on your individual situation.
    It is seldom a short venture. But stay with it if you feel you need the help and get some legal advise and help after you apply. Best Wishes, MRDAD
    P.S. You can also just walk into aSOC SEC office and
    pickup booklets from a shelf without having to
    see anyone at that time.[This Message was Edited on 06/11/2006]
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    check it out....

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    HELLO--Maybe I can help with some advise here. I am one of the very lucky ones here on this disability issues. I applied for my disability and WON ON 1ST TRY AND IT WAS ONLY TWO MONTHS. I do believe my age was a factor as I am nearly 58.

    I had my 1st interview on March 30th, '06 in person at the local SSA office in Utah. I took copies of every Dr visit-every test-for the past 7 years with me and gave them to my interview person. My MEDICAL "BOOK OF REMEMBERANCE" was 5-6 inches thick. This was besides the papers SSA sends you to complete.

    As I said I applied in person on March 30, 06. On Monday June 5th '06 I thought what if I got an approval letter from SSDI today. I thought that won't happen as I had only applied 2 months ago. When I went to the mailbox you can imagine my surprise when I HAD A CHECK FOR THE PAST 5 MONTHS, BUT NOT MY APPROVAL LETTER FIRST. i immediatly called my SSA office and was told I had made the book of records as no one gets SSDI through that fast. He said Utah State didn't even get my claim until Apr. 24 AND THE CLAIM WAS APPROVED ON MAY 6.

    I would advise you to TAKE copies of medical records with you from all docs you have seen. Be very through in your answers. I didn't feel like the space you have to answer the questions was enough.

    so after I turned in my paper work I decided to write a letter to the Determination Board telling them about me, my life, how active I always was, and how much energy I had, and how I had always worked and still want to work but due to all my health issues I can no longer do so. Told them I had lived a very full & satisifying life, and how all these illness have changed the way I live now. took it to my interviewer and asked this to be included in my records.

    I hope this is of some help to you. I wish you well in your battle. Any questions that maybe I can help with please ask.

    Sorry so long--KEEP ON KEEPING ON!!!!!

    Hugs to you,
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    I had called and requested an appointment in our biggest local town of Bend Oregon (about 35 miles away). It only took about 1 week to 10 days or so for me to get it. The appt itself took 1 1/2 hours, so be prepared to sit, although I got up and got a drink and walked a bit, was very squirmy in my chair, which she noticed.

    I don't know what you mean by "after you fill out the papers"? The interviewer at S.S. asked the questions and typed the answers up in the computer. Nothing was sent to me and I didn't have to fill out anything (YET, Maybe?!)

    I was prepared with my list of medicines (helpful hint: know your side effects if any to meds), symptoms I have, doctors names and addreses and each different diagnosis I have that would be used to determine my eligibility. The hardest thing was remembering dates. I am married for a second time, since 1988. They wanted all the info on my first marriage which was from 1968-1984.

    Be exact as you can in when your symptoms started. Luckily my symptoms started a few years ago, (11-2000) so it might help, with knowing that my eligibility ended 12-2005, she said, but symptoms started before.

    They offered me a phone or in person appt. Also you can apply on line, which was way too much for me to do. I think in person was best, at least for me.

    Now they will send my initial application over to Salem (Oregon) to the disability review. They will also send for doctor reports, as I had to sign releases there at the application appt. She said to wait now for 3-4 months, and she was very nice in telling me to keep going all the way if/when I get turned down. There is always help she said.

    I am sure there are lots of others here that can give you much more advice, as I am just starting in this, but thought I'd let you know how it went with me.

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    This is key information for anyone applying for SS. Your app will go alot smoother if you do the work for them, its exhausting and time consuming however you will have far less delay if you do so.

    Order all your DR/Clinic reports, and make at least 2 copies at a copy center. Then go over each report and highlight areas that may be inaccurate or just plain not true. Have a friend or family help too.

    If you find mistakes contact the DR or Clinic with the changes no matter how small they are and ask for a correction in writing. Once this is done ask for the updated report and copy yet once more. When you are satisfied send all the reports to SS with your completed App which you must also review for any errors.

    If you leave the gathering of information to them, and anyone along the way drops the ball and does not get the report in to SS in timely manor you will app will be delayed or denied.

    I hope this helps.
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    I just won my disability case after waiting for 2 1/2 years!!! I was denied at the first level and then contacted an attorney and we waited for two years for the hearing to be scheduled. My attorney was GREAT -- I didn't even have to testify. He went in and heard the medical expert and the job specialist testify and they all agreed on the spot that I was definately disabled!!! That RARELY ever happens!!! So now I'm just waiting on the formal decision which the judge said would be about a month, and then my check should be coming after that. So I am a firm believer that you should HANG IN THERE and not give up until you have at least been denied at the formal hearing level. I have a friend that is now appealing her hearing decision.

    Good luck!!!!