Signs your Thyroid is off??

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  1. Kimba4318

    Kimba4318 New Member

    Can anyone tell me what the signs/symptoms are if your thyroid is off?

    My throat has really been bothering me and have had pain in my neck/throat area for quite a while.

    Anyone had this? Also, have gained alot of weight in the past 6 months - no matter what I seem to do & my blood pressure is always perfect unless in excrutiating pain and the other day (in docs office) it was extremely low for me. Don't know if that has anything to do with it - just thought I would add that in case.

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  2. dr32164

    dr32164 New Member

    Here is my story. I have FM, CFS, and Lupus, and a few more lesser autoimmune diseases. I had no idea that my thyroid was not functioning as I attributed all symptoms to my other 'problems'. My dr felt a thyroid goiter on my neck during a routine exam. I did feel like I could not fully swallow, had sore throats all the time and often felt pain in my neck. I had an ultrasound which showed a couple nodules on my thyroid. Saw an endocrinologist who said it was likely caused by autoimmune system, given my other illnesses. Ran blood work and confirmed Hashimotos disease. Once on medication, many of my symptoms that I thought were just fibro or CFS acting up got a ton better. Fatigue, all over pain, chest pain, heat intolerance, etc.. all got better.
  3. maedaze

    maedaze New Member

    Hi, sorry to jump in here like this, but i too have a lump on my thyroid and at the moment i am just too sick to google anything.

    could you please tell me what hashimotos disease is and what they are doing for it.

    i had a biopsy done and it wasnt cancer so they just want to monotor it and told me to take more iodine. this was two yrs ago.... no ones been interested since and all my symptoms are brushed off with 'oh it'l be a cfs flare

    i too have the sore neck and throat kimba and my blood pressure is always normal range, i havn't had the problem gaining weight but have had the problem of loosing it and not being able to put on weight no matter what i ate.....

    again it was put down to cfs.
  4. llama

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    Hi Kimba and all,

    I have a family history of thyroid problems and any new doc I went to I would tell them this. They would dutifully order the old stand by TSH test and it would come back in the normal range but very high normal.

    Finally, I started doing research on my own. The small list is this: low body temp., fatigue, hair loss (especially outer eye brows), constipation, inability to lose weight, very dry skin, thin & coarse hair, bloated face etc. I can't remember them all but I have 2 very good resources to share with you that will give the complete and quite lengthy list.

    There is a website called "stop the thyroid", it is a very informative and empowering site. The other suggestion is to read a book by Mary Shomon called "Living well with Hypothyroidism".
    Hope this helps, after reading from both of these resources I have practically demanded to have the free T3 and T4 drawn. I refuse to be on synthetic meds that only address the T4 issue. At my next appt. I plan on asking to be put on Armour on a trial basis.(seems they respond to this approach better).

    Good Luck, I seriously encourage you to do some research first, otherwise you'll get the same old ineffective treatment as before (unless you have a progressive doc).
    ...............Jill..........hope this helps!
  5. Kimba4318

    Kimba4318 New Member

    Thank you for the very useful information!!
    Ouch - thanks for bumping for me - you are very sweet!

    dr32164 - wow sounds excatly like me - Thank you very much!
    Will look in to all of that.

    Jill - Wow! Will check out that site right away. NO, my doc is not very aggressive at all, so I will push to have these tests done.

    Skeesix - will ask for those particular tests that you reccomended and see if they can do those today. Thank you.

    Julie - I hope to regain my life back, as you did! Sounds very encouraging. I want to be "human" again too!

    Thank you all very much for your advice and info on your situation. It sounds more tolerable than throat cancer (LOL that is what I was convinced it was - I am bad on those "down" days)!

    If they can write these lab slips today, I was wondering if you have to fast for these tests? I wanted to go in this afternoon but if you have to fast for them, I will wait until the morning.

    Maybe this is one thing I can get resolved if it is in fact a Thyroid issue - almost hoping it is, so I can get some help/treatment.

    Hugs & Love to all of you,
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