Silent acid reflux

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    I have acid reflux since 2001 and controlled it with Prevacid until 9/03 when my symptons returned (constant burping, bloated feeling, burning esophaeus). I went on Protonix and I was feeling better again. I stopped taking Protonix 4 months ago & controlled my diet. But 2 months ago my middle chest started feel a little tight and sore and I have a sore throat. I thought it was my Asthma but all tests show that it's not Asthma. I had a ultrasound of the thyroid and that was fine. I was told it may be silent acid reflux. Even though my stomach feels fine I went back on the Protonix a month ago but I haven't improved. Does anyone else have this?
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    Hi Bigrig,
    For Acid Reflux "Peppermint Oil" will help a lot.
    It stops heart burn too. Go to a Herb shop and get Pure Peppermint Oil--I put just a drop on the back of my hand and lay my tongue on it. Be careful not to get too much because it is very strong and one drop is all you need.It will not stop your food from digesting like Previcid does. It helps digestion. And the nice part is --you can use it as often as you like and no bad side effects!!! A small 2 oz. bottle will last you for a long long time. It cost $8.00.No prescription is necessary either.My hubby and I both use it and found by putting it on our hand, that it stays sanitary for all. I think that this will help you,it does me.
    Hugs Shirley
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    Thanks Shirley, I'll give it a try.