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    This a new thread from a topic..Prunella...Questions

    Just incase anyone was following that one...It was getting rather long so we started a new one...


    I am not doing any better at all...In fact I think I feel worse. I keep feeling like I am going to throw up all the time. It could be from all the sugar I have eatin.

    I was not eating much at all and I have really over done it with the sugar...Once I start eating it..I can't stop.

    I have only been dd with FM...I am not sure if I CFS or not. I don't even say I have FM. Denial I guess??? I go for test after test and everything comes back fine..I was dd with IBS in 6th grade. But that got better, but now I think its been back for a while.

    The doctor I am going to is my sister in laws doctor. He is a intragative doctor. He is a MD but specializes in homeopathy. She has gone to him for many years now and helps her with everything. Yes, he is in by Chicago. The thing I am looking forward to is my first apt. is for 3 hours. It is more like an interview. I am glad that my husband is going cuz I won't remember things to tell him. I am going to try to start a list before I go. The list will be a mile long by the time I go.

    I will let you know how it goes...

    I got my daughter the Kit doll for Chistmas...She got a doll named Jess from my MIL. And she is getting Emily from my mom on Mon. for Christmas. She already has Molly, Marasol, and one that looks like her. Soooo... Needless to say, she will have to many of them and still want more.

    I took her into the store today so she could spend some money that she got for Christmas..My mom went with, too. She had a hay day! We had lunch in the cafe. It was a great time. I would rather she spends her money on that stuff than just little piddly things...THen when we got back we changed her dolls into pjs and braided their hair...It was fun.

    I am so glad to hear you are still feeling so well! That is great! I hope it keeps up for you.

    I think there is a whole foods store in by the doctor I am going to...So we are going to go there when I go.

    I ran out of the toothpaste I was using and can't find it to buy any more. I think I am going to have to order it. Between the things I have been eating and the toothpaste my checks are sore and it hurts to floss. I was using the childrens toothpaste from Burts Bees. I can tell a difference. THe one I have now must have silica in it or something..

    If you don't like my name of the thread, let me know, I can change it...

    Take Care,
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    Hi, I found it! Thanks for starting it!

    I had a two day reaction from all the oxalate rich foods I was eating, but today I feel real good. My gums were extremely painful and I was so tired. Normally my gums are very healthy, so it is not a gum problem. It comes from within, if you know what I mean, and I feel poisioned. It will be so much easier to eat right when the holidays are over. It is so hard to avoid all that stuff! I hope you are feeling better today. Did you eat a lot of chocoate and nuts? Those are high in oxalates.

    Kit.... that's the other doll we have! So cute! She's from around the time of my mom and MIL.

    I am glad you are well enough to go shopping,etc. When you get those reactions,is fatigue a big problem for you? It is for me. I hope that new doc can help. It will be interesting to hear what he says.

    The toothpaste I use is called Peelu. Whole Foods sells it here. It is the only one I can tolerate and it works really well.

    I have been working on adding more onions and garlic to my meals. Yesterday,I sauteed some shallots and garlic (from our CESA farmer) in olive oil and then added some peas. It was delicious! I also found when I eat a lot of cabbage (we got a lot this year from our farmer!) I feel a lot better. I found some good ways to cook it. Foods from the cabbage family are go good for us in a number of ways. They even keep down the bad bacteria in our guts! (I had read about this in relation to h.pylori). I also feel better when I eat a lot of wild Alskan salmon.

    I am wishing you and everyone else on this board a Happy and Healthy New Year! No special plans for us tonite. Church at 6:30 and then TV and maybe a game of Scrabble. Exciting! I am just happy to be feeling good!
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    Sheryl, when I was searcing for this thread I came across that thread on yeast that you marked. I read a post from "happycanuk" where she said she had read an article that eating 2 cups of Peas,Beans, Broccoli or Cabbage every day keeps yeast down. That is so interesting that I just mentioned to you that eating a lot of cabbage really helps me.

    This board has been so amazingly helpful to me! This is what I love about it!
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    Hope you had a Happy New Year! We did.

    Glad you found the new thread...

    I am really out of it today! I ate some potatoes(haven't had those for a while), choc. chip cookies, and these other cookies that are choc. and peanut butter yesterday...And on new years eve I had pizza.

    So...I knew what was going to happen. Today I haven't ate much hoping it will go away soon. But you know...sometimes I just say forget it. My husband and I haven't went out for dinner for a really long it was nice to go out...even though I pay.

    Thanks for advice with cabbage...I never eat cabbage. It's high in natural sulfites. It ususally upsets my stomach..I guess I should give it a try. I would try anything right now. Maybe it upsets my stomach cuz it's doing a number on my yeast???

    I get very fatigued with this...feel like a zombie. My pain is really bad and my swelling too. Everything is bad right now. My eyes get funny too. I forget everything. My stomach is huge. I think my stomach gets big from the oxalates..I know all the sugar don't help..:)

    I went to play wallyball tonight and I felt like I couldn't even hit the ball. My body was not working with my mind and my mind was not working at all. I could not for the life of me keep track of the score.

    I am planning on going to the Whole foods on Thursday. I will look for that toothpaste there. I really need something, my gums are sooo sore. Anything else you suggest I look for there??? I have never been to a Whole foods before..

    I haven't even had time to read all those threads that I marked to read later. I really need to..I have been so busy. Today I slept in and I think I felt worse doing tomorrow I am getting up early.

    Thursday is the day I take my son to this new doctor...THen I go next week..I am getting a little nervous about it. Not sure why...but I am. I just don't want another doctor to look at me like I am crazy. I don't think I could take it..My husband it going with..which will be good cuz I am so out of it..I'm sure I forget everything that I want to talk to him about..

    That's great that you are feeling better...glad you found something to speed things along when you don't..That's great!

    Take Care..
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    HI, I hope you are feeling better. I'm still not the best eihter -gum pain, blaoting and some fatiuge. Holiday eating paying us back!

    I need to go make dinner so I will type this quick. Here's some of the things I would buy at the WF store:

    7th Generation Laundry Detergent
    Wave Dishwasher detergent
    Any natural dish soap
    Natural bar soap

    Organic beef and chicken
    Wild caught Alaskan salmon
    Organic Cheese and Milk (but not raw)and yogurt (Stoneyfield?)
    Organic apples, carrots and bananas and whatever organic fruits and veggies look good.
    Canned organic soups like spit pea and lentil (look at the ingredients first.
    Good organic extra virgin olive oil
    Bread if you eat wheat(I buy white bread, less oxalates,works best for me.)
    Extra meat, bread, etc. to put in the freezer.
    Healthy Valley canned no salt chicken broth

    The weather is so warm (strange!) that you might want to bring a cooler along in the car. I've done that.

    Stop at the front desk and ask for a coupon book. This week they are offering a coupon for free WF Fish Sticks. I buy these all the time. No MSG, etc.!

    Also, check out the area where they have free literature and look for the free magazines you can get there. Very informative.

    I like to treat myself and eat there. They have a wonderful "buffet" area with lots of choices. It's $5.99 a pound and just to warn you it adds up quickly! I've learned not to take more than I can eat!
    Salt (Lifefstream, maybe Kosher or pickling salt?)

    Hope it goes well. Does you son have symptoms, too?

    P.S. Chocolate and peanut butter are both very high in oxalates.
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    Thanks for all the tips with Whole Foods!

    I will check some of the things out that you mentioned..I will be back in there next week, too...So I can maybe get some things I can use..Hopefully!

    I will definetly get some toothpaste if nothing else!

    I will let you know how it goes tomorrow with my son...He does have similar symptoms...not really the pain end of it or stomach issues. Mostly just being out of it and not being able to focus or rememember anything. He is really behind in reading and I see changes in him with diet, too. He also has allergies which are better since really changing the way he eats.

    I will eventually take the whole family to this doctor if I like him...He is more into the natural way of doing things. Along with the homeopathy. So I am keeping my fingers crossed that he can help us.

    My daughter has the stomach and skin issues. So I am hoping to take her to him eventually, too.

    Thanks again,

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    Doctors apt. went really good!! I am so happy with this doctor so far..

    We were there for over 2 hours talking to him. He asked so many questions and never rushed us at all.

    When we were done he gave my son a remedy. I understand it to be something to bring his body back to a normal spot...He said eventually we will get him off his allergy med. and should see an improvement with school. I'm not sure how it all works, but I am going to give it a try.

    I take him back in 6 weeks, but when I go next week he is going to have his chart pulled so we can dicuss him too. He said I can see some changes...they could be for the worse or for the better. Sometimes things have to get worse before they get better..Or other things could pop up that he didn't even have..

    He did say though..the things I have done with him so far to keep doing cuz they were all good things. I was glad to hear that. My family doctor now would have said..what the heck are you doing that for or something like that..

    He never once made me feel like I was crazy..or weird. I just hope it keeps going good..I know it will take time, but it feels right.

    Now I am nervous for me to go next week...I am just scared to take anything. I react to everything and anything. So hopefully he can help me..

    As for Whole Foods....I love that store! I usually have to run to several places to get the things I need. They have everything all in one place. You mentioned the seventh generation soaps...I use the dish soap and love it.

    BUT!!! They didn't have the toothpaste! Not even the Burt's Bees...I even asked someone and they said they don't carry it..I don't know what I am going to do...I might have to order the peelu online.

    I also forgot to ask about the coupon book...And I forgot to look for SALT...darn it..I am going in there next week when I go to the doctor...I had my son and my husband with me and they didn't want to look around. I think I could spend the day there. I like to read every ingred. so it takes time. We did eat while we were there..I just made me a salad. It was good, but you are adds up.

    Driving home was was pouring down rain. Needless to say I am soooo tired and tense. But I can sleep in in the morning..

    I hope you are feeling better...I am not really that much better. Trying to avoid the oxalates..I haven't had any cookies or chocolate or peanut butter...LOL I did have some celery today and I think that bothered me. I think cuz I am bad right now any little bit of things bothers me..

    Thanks again for all you help!! If you think of anything else you get at WFs, let me know. I am going back there next week.

  8. Prunella

    Prunella New Member

    Hi Sheryl,

    I am sorry I haven't been on here in a while. We went to visit my daughter in Madison this weekend. We had a nice time.

    I'm glad to hear the appt. went well for your son. How is he doing with that remedy? Have you noticed anything?

    Have you had your appt. yet? I'm glad you liked Whole Foods. Hope you can spend more time there this time. Don't forget the salt!

    I am feeling really good again. Have been eating lots of cabbage and wild caught fish. Also, asparagus. Have been really avoiding the oxalates.

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    My son is doing ok...he is responding to the rememdy. His behavior has been the thing that has been the worst. He is just not wanting to have to tell him several time to do something. THe doctor says that is good that he is having affects...that means that it is working. It sometimes has to get worse before it gets better. He said soon I will see him getting better.

    As for me...I went today. It went really well. He talked to me for 4 hours!! It cost alot, but I think it will be worth it. He even new about foods high in oxalates!! He mentioned alot of things that we talk about here on the boards...

    It was so nice cuz he really listened...He pretty much told me that I am a big toxic over load. Between the 11 murcury fillings in my mouth and all the hair chemicals I have been around my whole body just can't take it any more and is now reacting to everything...

    So he gave me a is suppose to help with all of it..But it of course could make things worse for a while so I am not going to take it til Fri....I have to work tomorrow and THur. So I will just wait and then have the weekend to see what happens. He says he knows I will react to it..but don't know what will happen...great huh??

    I am really nervous...but I have to do this. He also said this is something that will take time..probably a long time since it has been so long that I have had problems.

    The nice thing, too, is he says just to call him when cost money...but he will call back that day. Nice to know though.

    Let me know what you think! salt at Whole foods...but I did pick up some kosher salt to try.


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    Hi, That's amazing your doc knew about oxalates! Did he say you should avoid them?

    Four hours is amazing! I have had fillings in all my molars. Right now they have all been replaced by crowns, root canals or porcelain. I have only one mercury filling left. Years ago I had good dental insurance and I think my dentist took advantage of me. He did and redid my fillings over and over. My current dentist said that was unnecessary. I college I had a roomate for 2 and a half yrs. She would get up at 5:00 Am every day (unusual for a college student) and spray deoderant, hairspray and vaginal deoderant spray (big it the 70s) every day. I would sleep till 8, 9 or even later on weekends. I was breathing that all in for hours every day in a tiny dorm room. That is also when I started having some health problem. I agree with the toxic overload theory.

    I am surprised your Whole Foods has such a poor selection. The ones here and in Madison seem to have a lot more.

    Your son sounds like a normal kid to me! Aren't most kids like that? Maybe your daughter is just extra good! I hope he is doing OK on the new remedy.

    I keep forgetting to mention that if you buy cheese, Sargento started adding a mold inhibitor to their sliced cheeses sometime last year. I react horribly to that ingedient. Found out the hard way. Bad headache and body ache.

    My digestion is a little off again today. Diarrhea and bloating. Been eating sugar again. Gotta stop doing that!
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    Yes...He said I should avoid anything that I know for sure causes a problem..He agreed that oxalates can cause a problem....

    My son is just a little worse than normal...He just can not think staight at all. I know the doctor is going to say that it is a really good thing that this is have to get worse before you get better...but I got an e-mail from his teacher yesterday and was not a good one..

    She said that he is blurting out things without raising his hand...and he is pretty hyper...and doing is work really fast and making very careless mistakes...Not good! Normally he wouldn't do that...

    Some of these things are how he acts when he is really out of it...One of the syptoms we had discussed with the doctor. So I'm not surprised that it got worse...Things have to get worse before they get better. I just don't want his grades to pay for it..

    I am to call the doctor tomorrow and let him know how he is doing...So it will be iterresting to see what he says.

    I am getting really nervous to take mine tomorrow...seeing how long it has effected my son..

    I baked cookies today...big mistake!

    Guess what...I found a Penzeys!! It is in by the doctor that I go to...Do you get all you spices there??? Are there anything from there that you can't use for sure?? I am going to go there the next time I go in there..

    I have still not found any toothpaste! My mouth is driving me nuts..I'm going to have to order something online...What flavor of peelu to get??? Is it just the plain??

    Sorry your stomach is out of wack again...I hope it starts to feel better soon...I have been feeling a little constipated lately..It sure doesn't feel good..

    Take care,
  12. Prunella

    Prunella New Member

    Hi, I am much better. The flavor of Peelu I get is peppermint. It's the only one they carry. You know, I am pretty sure you can call Whole Foods and they can special order for you.

    I like Penzeys a lot. My husband recently met someone who works for them and he said their spices are pure. They don't add anything to them. They are also very fresh. They are not organic, but some of the organic spices have silica. My spices are either organic or Penzeys. The store is amazing, lots of different smells! They have free recipes and literature, too. I recently subscribed to their magazine. Penzeys is the only place I was able to find Chile Powder without silica. But beware, they have many kinds of Chile Powders! It is hard to decide which one to get. You can sniff them all. I like the California Chile Powder better than the Hungarian. It's a matter of taste. I do stay away from Rosemary. I think it gives me headaches.

    Are your remedies homeopathic? I tried it once for PMS before I got CFS. It made me feel weird, so I never took it again. I am not a big fan of feeling worse to get better, cause I don't like feeling bad! (That doc spent only a short time with me.) On the other hand, the best product I ever found for treating Yeast Infections was a Homeopathic product called Yeast Guard. Worked like a charm with no side effects. Maybe you could start a thread on this board about homeopathic remedies and people's experiences with them.

    Just a thought, how about waiting till your son gets better before starting yours? That way you won't have to worry about two people being out of it at the same time.
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    I am so glad that you are feeling better...That is great!

    I was thinking the same thing about asking Whole foods to order the toothpaste for me...I asked a place I was at today and she said she would check on it for me..

    Yes, the remedies are homeopathic...the doctor I am going to is a M.D. but he specializes in homeopathy. And, yes, you have to get worse before you get better..I am going to give it a shot though..I think this doctor is great so far..Heck he listened to me for 4 hours! That's better than anything else I have gotten from a doctor..ever.

    My son is doing a little better...still a little hyper..but listening better. I called the doctor today to let him know how he was doing and he called me back within a couple of hours. He never rushed me on the phone or anything. It was nice...I even asked him about my daughter who he hasn't even seen yet and he recomended a remedy that I could buy at the health food store. So I went and got that for her and started her on that. I think she has an ear infection or something..hopefully it helps.

    He told me to take my remedy tonight before I go to bed...I am still very nervous about it..I am going to go ahead and take it since it is the weekend and I don't have anything going on..I'll let you know how it goes.

    I am going to head to Penzeys when I get time...It is a little ways from the doctor, but still in that way. I will just stock up when I go. My husband orders a lot of things from there and really likes their stuff too..I'll have to write down the chilli seasoning you mentioned...I use chilli powder in alot of stuff.

    Well, keep your fingers crossed for me!

    Take care,

    Oh..I did get a different toothpaste from burt's bees today to's a mint one..I hope it doesn't bother me.
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    Prunella New Member

    That's great your doc is so accessable (sp?). I hope your son continues to get better. I'll be thinking of you and hoping that it goes well for you. I hope the feeling better part comes soon. Take it easy and take good care of yourself.

    I looked at my spices today and see I made a mistake. The Chile Powder I buy is - Regular. The Parika I like is - California Sweet. I used it tonite on some scrambled eggs along with a bit of Cayenne Powder (supposed to be very good for us). Scrambled eggs for dinner! Works for us!

    My daughter has some stresses going on in her life right now- mostly good stuff, but that can be stress, too. The two of you have me on pins and needles tonite!

    I had a good day. Feel good and took my parents who live about 20 min from us shopping today which made them very happy.
  15. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    Hi...I am doing ok. I had a ruff night. I was awake just about every hour with either naseua or pain or weird dreams.

    Then when I got up this morning I had alot of pain (especially my neck), alot of stiffness, and was soooo tired. But what if those are the things that will hopefully get worse..then better. That would be great. I do feel a little more calmer..mood wise...not so tense. Which is kinda nice for a change..:)

    I sorta feel like I am in slow motion...kinda blah. So I am just taken it easy. Hopefully I will sleep a little better tonight.

    I might go with my sister this afternoon...she is getting married and we still need to take my daughter to get her fitted for her dress (she's the flower girl) that she is in school, we have to do it on the weekend. The wedding is in we don't have much time..I just told her she would have to drive..I don't want to drive to far feeling like this..

    Thanks for letting me know about the spices...Once I get feeling ok...and some time...I am going to make a trip in there.

    I am so glad that you are feeling better...I think that is so great..I hope some day I can say that. Thanks for talking to me, I know with you feeling good you wouldn't be on here as much. I'm so glad though that you are though.

    I certainly hope your daughter is doing ok..I hate stress of any kind!

    Have a good day..I'll let you know how things are going..

  16. Catseye

    Catseye Member

    sheryld, you sound like me when I first got sick and nothing worked. It looks like you know you're eating some bad things and I was, too. What I've figured out is that the reason we want to eat is because our bodies are craving nutrients but it doesn't tell us what, it just tells us it wants to eat. And, of course, we reach for the yummy stuff first.

    Start eating lots of veggies. Boil them in chicken broth and put lots of sea salt on them to get them down. No fancy recipes with cream of mushroom soups or anything like that, just chop them up small and mix alot of them together. Onions and garlic and peppers will be the best tasting. The more variety, the better the taste. Here's an oxalate list for foods if you need it:

    Veggies have what you need to heal and when you're eating them, you aren't eating other junk. It will take a couple of weeks to get used to, but your body will thank you. Eat them with every meal. I eat only healthy food now, finally, and have absolutely no food cravings. I don't even WANT an oreo anymore. Are you looking at our healthy food recipes on the chit chat board?

    best wishes,

  17. Catseye

    Catseye Member

    Yeah, I answered you the other day with a couple. Look at my profile and see "meat and veggie yummy recipes" from Jan 12. These should at least get you started. To begin eating veggies, the trick is to boil them in chicken broth and put alot of sea salt on them. They're much easier to get down this way. Otherwise they just plain suck.

    And the more you have together, the better the taste. Like always include a bunch of onion, garlic and different color peppers. My favorites are orange and yellow but they used to be expensive sometimes. If you can, get fresh and cut them up very small so you get different ones in every bite. A bite with just broccoli is not very palatable even with the chicken broth.

    When I started eating veggies, I made faces for the first 2 weeks, then your body thanks you by making them less horrible. Now I actually like them in the same way you like a beer.

    bon appetite!

  18. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    Thanks so much for your suggestions...

    All I eat is meat and raw veggies...mostly salad with olive oil and lemon juice (fresh squeezed) and a few fresh herbs. I eat eggs which are grown from my in-laws with nothing on them..I do eat some brown apples...except over the holidays when I just ate what I wanted..:) still paying.

    I react to almost everything...I would never be able to eat a ton of garlic and onions...they bother me..they are both high in natural sulfur...I CAN NOT use sea salt. That will send me for a loop, like I'm drunk. It is high in natural glutamate. I do not use any salt what so ever..if I do I am in so much pain..even from a canning salt or kosher with nothing else in it..

    I know I have a problem with foods high in oxaltaes...and the reaction from them is getting worse..I have seen a list, but I will be sure to check this one out..

    I do make some things in chicken own chicken broth..with no salt.

    I just went to this new hopefully in time I will be able to start eating more stuff...It gets pretty deppressing..and I get pretty hungry.

    I will take a look at those recipes though...Thanks for the help.

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  19. Prunella

    Prunella New Member

    Hi Sheryl,

    I hope it's getting better for you. It's nice to see more people jump in here! How is your son? Are you seeing improvement in him/

    Mike, I have been avoiding guar gum. Some people react to it and I feel I am one of them. Never tried larch bark. Like Barrow... I like to eat real food.

    I just made a big pot of chicken soup today. I used one large organic chicken and our reverse osmosis water. Sea salt(with no silica), leeks, carrots, kale, parsley, dried red pepper flakes(from Penzey's), thyme, smoked paprika, and pepper. I cooked the chicken with a little onion and carrot and S&P first and then strained that and took out the chicken and deboned it and cut it up. Then I cooked the veggies and spices in the broth and at the end I added the brown rice with I cooked seperately and most of the cut up meat. It was delicious! Lot's of worth but worth it. I freeze a lot of it in small glass containers, so three hours of cooking produces a lot of good food. Oh, when I first cook the chicken I add about a T. of organic vinegar. That is supposed to get the calcium out of the bones. Sheryl, I wish you could eat salt as I don't think this would taste too good without salt. Maybe when you get more of the oxalates and silica out of your diet, you might be able to eat salt??

    Another recipe...

    Finely cut or shred some cabbage, chop an onion or some leeks, finely cut or shred some carrots. I use Berio olive oil for sauteeing and saute these veggies till soft. I cover the pan to help it along. I add on minced clove of garlic and sometimes some minced ginger. I can stop here or sometimes I add some wheat free Tamari sauce (yes, it might have silica, etc, but I don't use much and I make some exceptions) and a splash of good Sherry. Also, S%P.

    Easier yet....

    Sautee some onion in olive oil. Loosley chop a small head of cabbage. Mince a clove of garlic. Add all to the onion. Add a little water and S&P and cook till soft.

    I have been feeling much better. My brother-in-law stopped by today and was amazed by how I was doing!

    One more recipe....

    Sautee some shallots or onions in olive oil. Add minced garlic. Add frozen peas and a litte water. Cook till done.

    I don't eat perfectly, but the more cooked veggies I eat the better I feel. I think its the vitamins and other nurtrients more than the fiber. I don't do well with a lot of fiber. Cooked foods work best for me and then I can handle raw foods better, in moderation. Everyone has to do what works bestfor them.Cabbage, broccoli, onions and garlic keep the yeast and bad digestive bacteria in check.

    Barrow, you and I seem to be doing similar things. I'll look at your other posts tomorrow when I have more time. I hope I got your name right. All I can see is the first post in this thread. The Branwen website is quite old (at least the last time I looked). There have been some major changes on what is high and low since then. That was definately one of my starting points on this whole low oxalate thing.

    Sheryl, I hope you feel better soon!!!!
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  20. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    I am starting to feel fact..I feel pretty good right now...I am scared to say anything, I don't want to jinx myself..

    This afternoon I just started to feel pain got better and my mind just feels a little more calm. Like I can think a little better.

    I did up some veggies tonight...we have green beans and carrots in the freezer that came out of the I sauteed some olive oil and green onions with a bulb of garlic...then I added some beans, carrots, and frozen pees..then put in some fresh broccoli at the end and some fresh chives and pepper. It was really good, it had it with some brown rice.

    I did get some gas from the garlic...I ususally do. It was ok though..

    I just really hope things keep feeling ok...

    My son is doing really good, too. I didn't even give him any allergy medicine today...I will give him a little tomorrow...I need to ween him slowly.

    I am glad you are doing so good...that is great! Maybe I'm on my way!

    Take care!

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