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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by dhcpolwnk, Apr 26, 2003.

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    I know this is kind of silly--and very trivial compared with most fibro and CFS problems--but I was just wondering whether skin irritation on the feet (including corns) is particularly common in people with fibro.

    I know that lots of people *without* fibro have corns, calluses, etc., and that may be what's happening to me, maybe because the seam of my left shoe may be rubbing against my little toe. But my toe doesn't look anything like the illustrations I've seen on the Net, nor like the corns I remember my mother having. So I wonder whether this might be something else. This has been bothering me for several days now, and it seems to be getting worse. I even have a hard time wearing sandals, becaust the cross-strap seems to hit one of the sensitive patches along the left edge of my foot.

    I went shopping for new shoes today to try to address the problem, but when I tried the new shoes out around the house, they just seemed to put more pressure elsewhere on my left foot, which seems to be a lot more sensitive than it used to be.

    This is probably just your standard old corn, but since I've never had corns before, I'm not sure. Please forgive me for bringing up something this minor, but the people on this board seem so well-informed I thought somebody here just might be able to help. I'm not asking for a clinical diagnosis; just some idea about whether FM might be a factor here--as it seems to be in so many things.


    --Laura R.M.
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    I don't know if this will be of any help/ring any bells with you.

    My daughter had a growth on her small toe. It looked like a sort of bumpy growth that was whitish in colour and hard to the touch. By the time I saw it (the silly girl didn't think to tell me about it before) it covered most of the tip of her little toe and she said it was painful, it sure looked it too! I had no idea what it was but I noticed that she had some other 'spots' on the soles of her feet. Some of these spots appeared to have a black centre so I suspected verrucas - these are a type of wart. A visit to the doctor confirmed this and the growth on the toe was also found to be several verrucas that had grown together. The doctor perscribed soething to get rid of them. Its taken an age to see any real improvement but the growth is disappearing now.

    My daughter doesn't have FMS - thank goodness.

    This may be nothing to do with what you have. One thing for sure though - with FMS any additional pain is going to be worrying and I'm sure you don't need to feel more *hugs*. I'd suggest a visit to your doctor or a chiropodist.

    I haven't experienced what you describe but I do have sore painful feet with dry skin on them. As a matter of fact I tend not to wear shoes or any other footwaer if I don't have to cos it makes my feet more uncomfortale.

    I hope your feet are soon sorted out.
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    Hey, Laura,
    This may or may not be your problem, also,
    but, when you sit and rest your feet,
    or when you walk- do your feet sort of roll out to the outside?... Like you are walking ON the outside of your feet?
    I have just recently found a hardness-almost growth, just below my little toe...on the bottom HURTS!!
    It's hard to explain. I went to the Podiatrist for another problem last week, and asked him about it, and he said it was a "condition", but I didn't think much about it then...he said if it got worse he'd have to cut the Bone-y part off- I said NO WAY ! LOL

  4. Mikie

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    Run in families. We have three generations with bony growths and hammer toes. We are also prone to neuromas, spasms, and stress fractures.

    One of the reasons I love living in Florida is because it is sooooo casual down here that most people wear sandals even to work. I keep my feet in really good condition, wearing good cross-training sneakers with orthotics when doing anything athletic or when there's a lot of walking involved in my activities. I stay flexible in order to take good care of my feet, always keeping my pedicures fresh so my feet look nice in sandals.

    I've had my neuroma injected with a steroid, and had two surgeries on my feet because of the problems which run in the family. The Klonopin I take has taken care of the muscle spasms I used to suffer from.

    Love, Mikie
  5. pam_d

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    Find a good podiatrist!! I had a corn on my little toe rubbing against my shoe, and I thought exactly like you---it's just a standard-issue corn. But the corn pad things you buy over the counter (Dr. Scholls) didn't work, so I finally saw a podiatrist. I found out that those little toe corns are often there because a bone spur is underneath! My podiatrist showed me on the x-ray. As long as the bone spur persists, you'll never get rid of the corn......I had minor surgery to correct it (this was after my FM dx, & it wasn't bad) and now, no more corn problems!!

    And BTW, don't consider this a silly, trivial problem---if our feet hurt & shoes are uncomfortable, we aren't going to be wanting to walk, which is a good thing for FM.

    Hope you get some relief---definitely see a podiatrist!


  6. dhcpolwnk

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    Thanks to those who responded to my question about FMS (or other things) and feet.

    Leo: You said you prefer not to wear shoes. Unfortunately, I was blessed with flat feet, and I really need the support of good shoes. I have since I was a child, when I was fitted with special shoes to correct my ankle condition. (It didn't work.) But when I wear no shoes at all, my ankles pronate in, putting stress on my knees, unless I consciously try to walk on the outside of my feet to compensate for the pronation. I think Fibromeister said that walking on the outside of her foot *caused* problems. As for warts, I don't think that's my problem, as I don't see any hard growth. In fact, all I see is a little redness--not much different from my right little toe, which doesn't hurt.

    Fibromeister: For years, I've worn a custom-made orthotic plate in my shoes to correct for my flat feet. That has trained me to roll my feet to the outside when I'm not wearing shoes. However, I tend to wear shoe or at least sandals most of the time because of my flat feet and pain in my arches if I don't have some support.

    schmulyon: You asked if the painful area is hard. No, it doesn't seem to be hard. As I said in my answer to Leo (above), all I see is a little redness.

    Mikie: You said you wear good cross-trainers with orthotics. I've been wearing cross-trainers or walking shoes with my orthotic for a long time now. It's only in the last week or so that this pain on the outside of the little toe on my left foot (from about the middle knuckle down past the widest part across the foot) seems to hurt. The pain seems to be worst where the bones are most prominent and in contact with shoes or part of a sandal. But as I said above, I can't go without shoes for very long.

    You mentioned muscle spasms. I don't think that has anything to do with my current pain, but years ago, I used to get sudden sharp pains in my arch. As I recall, it was a time when I had stopped using my orthotic, either because I thought I didn't need it anymore or because I was wearing fashionable shoes, and the orthotics lifted my foot up too much for me to be able to wear them without crushing the tops of my toes. I never have had an explanation of what that was, but now that you mention spasms, I realize that's probably what it was. Wow, that was painful!

    Extra to Mikie: I don't read everything on this board due to time constraints, and I missed the fact that you were about to have surgery. However, I did see some of the comments after the fact. I'm really glad your surgery went well. Take good care of yourself.

    --Laura R.M.
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    I hadn't seen your message when I responded to others who had posted answers to my question; so I wanted to thank you directly.

    A bone spur is something I really hadn't considered! Thanks for the suggestion. I will try to follow up. I belong to Kaiser and probably need to go through my primary care doctor first. My next appointment with him isn't until the end of May, though, and then I'll probably wind up on a waiting list. If this *isn't* a bone spur, it might just disappear on its own before I ever get in to see a podiatrist. I'm on so many waiting lists, I've lost track of them!

    Anyway, thanks again.

    --Laura R.M.