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    Here's a new Song Game suggested by Diane. There are lots of very cute songs written over the years that make us laugh. Anyone remember Spike Jones? This thread is for any that you can remember.
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    My entry is:

    WITCH DOCTOR, David Seville, 1958
    I told the witch doctor
    I was in love with you
    I told the witch doctor
    I was in love with you
    And then the witch doctor
    He told me what to do

    OOH, Spike Jones is sooooo familiar. Have to give that more thought!

    Hugs y'all, Diane
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    "Flying Purple People Eater" Written by Sheb Wooley in 1958.

    "Here Comes Peter Cottontail" Hopping down the bunny trail, by Gene Autry.

    "St. George and the Dragonet" by Stan Freberg. It was a takeoff on Dragnet. Funny.
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    Oh, GB --

    St. George & The Dragonet, 1953 ------ I'm still laughing! LOL LOL LOL

    "The legend you are about to hear is true
    Only the needle should be changed to protect the record"

    I've never heard this one before!


  5. gb66

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    Then there was:

    "The First Family" A comedy album by Vaughn Meader about the Kennedy family.

    "Temptation" A takeoff by Spike Jones on the song "Temptation".

    Also "Cocktails for Two". "Chloe", and "My Old Flame" are a few more by Spike. He was hilarious.
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    There were oodles of novelty tunes in the 40s and 50s when I was a kid.
    Bob Merrill wrote several for Dorthy Shay, the Park Avenue Hillbilly. He
    also wrote If I Knew You were Coming I'da Baked a Cake and How Much is
    that Doggie in the Window? Went on to write Broadway shows like Carnival
    ( music and lyrics) and Funny Girl (lyrics).

    And then there was Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini.
    And The Purple People Eater which was number one the year I was graduated
    from High School.

    And during WW II there was the very popular
    Mairzy doats and dozy doats and liddle lamzy divey
    A kiddley divey too, Wouldn't you?"
    Three Little Fishes was even earlier. The lyrics included
    "Boop boop diten datem whatem choo." I read that Ray
    Stevens recorded it just a couple years ago.

    In the early 60s The Monster Mash was a hit.
    All these treasures can be found on Youtube, of course.

    Yes, GB, I remember Spike Jones. My mother and her brother used
    to listen to his old 78s (records) and laff like loons. Spike's band
    featured instruments like guns, cow bells, sirens, etc.

    Good suggestion, Diane.

  7. ConfusedInPA

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    Here's more.............

    BESSIE THE HEIFER, Little Jimmy Dickens, 1951

    THE CURLY SHUFFLE, Jump 'n The Saddle Band, 1983 (an homage to The Three Stooges)

    THE STREAK, Ray Stevens, 1974


    Hugs, Diane

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    Hi Diane, Good ta see ya back. I never heard any of the 3 you last posted. I did
    read a book about the Stooges some years back. (My Dad always referred to them
    as the 3 Stoogees.) Over the decades there were actually 6 of them. Moe shows
    up in the crosswords now and then. The clue is usually "the bossy stooge".

    Ray Stevens also recorded Feuding and Fussing, one of the songs Dorothy Shay
    used to sing.

    "Feuding and fussing and a-fighting.
    Sometimes it gets to be exciting.
    Don't like them ornery neighbors down by the creek.
    We'll be plumb out of neighbors next week."

    Dorothy wore evening gowns and sang hillbilly songs. She also did some acting.
    Was on the Waltons TV series. One of her best numbers was "I've Been to
    Hollywood, And I want it understood. It's just a mess of cocktail bars. drive-
    in stands and foreign cars." If you look up this number on Youtube, you
    will see a picture of the record album from the 40s that my mother had. In
    those days an album was more than one 78 rpm record in a cardboard
    folder with a paper sleeve for each record. High tech at one time. Obsolete
    since 1948.

    Hope GB feels well enough to come back soon.
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    Hi Rock! Thanks for the welcome back. I too look forward to GB's return. :)

    I enjoy reading your commentaries on the songs. You know so much, about so many topics. Your posts are delightful, and entertaining, and educating. :)

    I remember the 78's. We had a record player (I remember from being a youth back in the 60's). Played 78's. It was a cabinet style. I can remember taking the treasured vinyls out of their sleeves and placing them on the turntable. The only singers I remember were Nat King Cole and Teresa Brewer, and we had many 78's. I guess Nat and Teresa were my faves!

    Couple more songs for y'all. :D


    I didn't realize the song was from 1929! I only remember TINY TIM singing it. LOL

    LIME JELLO MARSHMALLOW COTTAGE CHEESE SURPRISE, William Bolcom, frequently sung by his mezzo-soprano wife, Joan Morris (not sure of the year).

    Enjoy! Later, 'gators. :)

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    I remember buying the first record made by Joan Morris and Willaim Molcolm
    back in the early 70s. It was old tunes; from the gay 90s, etc. Since then they've
    made a dozen or so more. Usually old music; some going back to the Civil War.
    I love her voice.

    Molcolm is fine as a pianist, but he insists on composing. The kind of stuff that
    music students and professor listen to. Nothing that would ever be popular.
    He has, however, been very successful winning lots of awards and having his
    music performed in concert halls and opera houses.

    My mother had a record of Nat King Cole. One of his big hits: Darling, Je Vous
    Aime Beaucoup. This is some foreign language and means "Pass the Potatoes"
    or something like that.

    My Dad's juke box used to have some Teresa Brewer hits on it in the 50s:
    Ricochet Romance, You Send Me. She also had a popular Christmas song.
    Mommy Kissing Santa Clause, I think.

    Abbadabba Honeymoon was a big hit in the 50s. Sung by Carleton Carpenter
    and Debbie Reynolds in a musical. Carleton was an actor who started when
    he was just a kid. Later he wrote some mysteries. I read one a couple decades
    ago. Not bad. Carleton is 88 and still with us. I don't know whatever happened
    to Debbie.

    Another hit tune from the same period was I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts.
    The singer was Merv Griffin. Don't know what happened to him either.

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    Hi Everybody, I've been reading the posts but haven't felt like posting. I'm still in a lot of pain and can't type long. I don't know if it's from the endless rain or what but my left arm, hand, neck and back are really hurting.

    I thought of a couple of songs but now can't remember them! :)

    Here's one: "Bibbidi, Bobbidi, Boo"
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    Hi GB, Great to see you back. Sorry you're still having problems. Have you
    tried epsom salts baths? Some of our posters say they get great results.
    Never did nuting for me, though.

    I remember Bibbidi, Bobbidi Boo. From Disney's Cinderella. I had a comic
    book of same. BBB won an Oscar. Last night I was watching Ray Bolger
    dance on Youtube. In one video he does the Charleston with Verna Felton,
    the same gal what sang BBB. She used to be on the radio a lot. Played
    Dennis Day's mother on his show and the Jack Benny program.

    I hope you and Diane feel a lot better soon.

  13. Willow77

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    I'm My Own Grandpa by Ray Stevens
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    Good to see you back Willow. Glad your computer's fixed! GB