silver fillings or amalgams removed anyone?

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    I just had silver fillings or amalgams removed last week and I am feeling my worse. Do not if it is the weather(it is very stormy here in chicago) or that I just had my period, or something I ate. I am not doing any of the chelation therapy maybe I should?
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    I had mine out......and yes it may cause an increase in symptoms... and I'm in chicagoland as well.....and believe me the weather here can't be helping.!!!!!!

    All of mine have been out for 2 months now. It is by no means a cure, but I can honestly say that many symptoms have improved. I used to get gum swelling tooth pain and burning mouth. That and IBS have totally resolved.

    As you may know ..mercury kills bacteria ..that is why it is use as a preservative in many things. Swallowing it all day long changes the normal bacteria in your gut and bowel.

    It will take a while to achieve a normal balance and rid any extra mercury removal exposed you to.

    Mercury isn't the only toxins we should avoid........but you've got a good start on eliminating poisions for your body.....good luck....DJ
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    chicago person:Where are you and which dentist did you use?
    Did the supplements helped?
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    I had my 4 amalgam fillings removed today and replaced with porcelain (spl?) , it was a relatively painless procedure, my dentist didn't give me any injection or anything, he said he prefered to try and do it without if possible, I have to say that he was extreemly gentle and I was thankful that he didn't give me any shots. As to a difference in my health.......too early to say, but they sure do look alot nicer :)

    Take care,
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    He had a thing called the dam and the regular plastic suction thing hanging from my mouth. Is that enough? I hope so. I got 5 to go but the pain of my tmj is so bad I have to do it slowly
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    A brief synopsis: April, 2002, my sister applied a whitening agent to her teeth via gel mold made by her dentist. Within a week, she became ill. After six months, dx (three different docs) FM/CFS. We had to insist on a urine chelation test. It showed levels of mercury and aluminum "high." She had four fillings removed the latter part of November, 2002, and within a week all symptoms were gone and have not returned. Apparently, the 1 DMSA pill removed enough of the mercury to affect a cure with removal of the mercury. It wasn't necessary for her to go through the chelation protocol. However, it may be that a slight re-exposure (fish, etc) could cause symptoms to return. She avoids the things she knows might bring it back. The "worsening" may be that removal put more mercury into the tissue. Chelating would be the next step, but I would want to do it under a doctor's care, if you can find one willing to help. They seem to be resistant to mercury as a causative factor. We now know it is the cause in some cases.
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    And it did seem to help after about 6 months. I had a reaction to the chelation, so had to stop. I had been in almost constant flare, was getting very scared. Now I am down to 3-4 flares a year that ususally last a month or so each. So I believe the removal helped, but with 30 years of mercury poisoning, I am not sure how much damage is permanant. I do believe the metal poisoning has caused my symptoms. Wishing you the best of luck, sssupermom!
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    Very positive sounds really good. thanks for all the optimism. I do think I will try to get some chelation therapy though. Anyone got rid of the fog with this?