Simple living,Living with Ed,did anyone see this?

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    Isn't it strange, I had spent a lifetime trying to obtain material things.Now what interest me is a simpler life,
    a smaller house

    More comfort in every area of my life.Some will tell you this is a sign of getting old.I say it is a sign that wisdom has kicked in.

    I wrote a woman that I had seen in a magazine article about using wood stoves to cook on.She told me she lived completely off the grid.

    I have a big 52 inch TV that I don't want to give up or the decorating shows that I watch. It's great having a stove that I can turn a button and have instant heat and prepare a meal.

    It's great having electricity. I am a frugal person in a lot of ways but do enjoy the above memtioned things.

    What do you think of the Living with Ed show? do any of you do simular things, would you share them please.

    I have had some really hard times in my life sometimes I didn't know if i could go on.I am just so grateful for so much now.

    How do you live simpler?

  2. sues1

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    Simple life styles are definition is to make my life easier.

    The older I get and the more health problems that I have, I know that even this life style can change. I go through things on a regular basis and get rid of things. Either give to someone or a charity.

    I know who gets certain things this way also, no fighting over it after I am gone.....LOL. I wish to make the process of cleaning out Mom's house easier for the children also. If I ever have to go to an apt. I will have less to consider of what goes, what I can take.

    Less to clean and less clutter is nice. I own my things, they do not own me anymore. I still have too much, but I work on it when I can.

    Give away clothes while they are still in style. (ha). Somethings we really do not wear. Lots of us have clothing with price tags still on them!

    Many baby pictures and so forth are now with each child that was in the picture. Report cards, etc. Craft things? well I can not longer do a lot of it. So I have given away material, patterns and so forth to someone that will use them and appreciate them. I still have more of that to get out and go through.

    If I ever move to an apt. I will only select things that fits in to the new space, I will not just take because I love it. I will want a uncluttered place. There will still be things I love there. But not excessive.

    Oh.....I am married, happily, and if I leave before him....well it will be what ever he wants to do. But you get the idea. Things should be for our enjoyment and not make work for us.

    I have a few frozen dinners in freezer for when I am a lone and otherwise hurt to bad to cook.

    I always stock on light bulbs, toilet tissue and certain things, but Not excessive on that either. Use to be. I keep certain things where I can get it easily. I have long handled "grabbers" to get things high up. I have someone come in once a week and do deeper cleaning. But I manage to some cleaning and laundry every day.

    The more organized I get, the better I feel in some ways. I relax more in my home.

    I have a special tablet that I write in also. Some pages has
    what my children have given me as gifts. You see a long time ago I told them that what they got me would some day be their's. I did not realize until after gifts got to be pricier and such lovely things. LOL. One thing is I love hand blown paperweights. They do also. So there never will be a question on who got me that one or this one. I said on whats left they are to draw straws or such and take turns picking out what they want.......LOL.

    Maybe this is not what you wanted. But this is how I feel. I love the idea of that great big TV. Enjoy it.
    I am also frugal in many ways.....but I wanted to share my thoughts here and hope you do not find this too long.

    Love and Blessings............Susan

  3. sisland

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    I would live in a cabin in the woods by a lake and only have a woodcook stove and oil lamps, Like fight said battery operated Radio and oh Yeah a clean outhouse!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Seriously I would love to live this way! My Granparents were Pioneers and of course They Had to survive this way!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I Know How to use the land for food Because i grew up that way (Oh yes we Had store bought food also!) But alot of stuff was Homemade Because it had to Be!

    So now as i get older i truley Have learned to appreciate their Lifestyles and How Hard they Had to work to Get their food and water Etc,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,They Drove Horse and Buggies,,,,,,,,and Made their Own Wine (aka) Moonshine!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Kool Post Thanks Hope i didn't rattle on too much!.,,,,,,,,,,,,Sydney
  4. SweetT

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    and wouldn't even mind homesteading a bit. But when I think of caring for myself during that 'womanly time of the month', I get horrified as to what to do without hot running water and heat coming from vents! :) Yes, I know that my ancestors did it, and growing up very poor, I know about boiling water for washing up and using space heaters in the dead of winter. Perhaps that's why it terrifies me :)
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    I would love to have nicer things of coarse, but I am content with my little house that is PAID FOR. It's not much, but it is paid for. You really don't need a lot to live. Food, water, and shelter is not living above or below my means, it's what I need to survive!!

  6. blueski31717

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    I am grateful for everything I have ever had whether it be-pinto beans for every meal for 3 months or a full course steak dinner, whether it be- a little shack with an out house or a 3 bedroom house with 2 bathrooms, whether it be-washing my cloths in a little stream by hand or having a new washer, whether it be- no tv or entertainment or a 60 inch big screen tv.

    I have had nothing and I have been blessed with much and as I said I am grateful to have whatever I may have at the time.

    May you all have everything you need.