Simple pleasures = healing moments!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by judywhit, Feb 6, 2003.

  1. judywhit

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    after a long day at work yesterday. Came home, put my flannels on got my fleece blankey (yep, even Mom's have their favorite blankeys). Got in my Lazy girl, reclined my legs and my beautiful long haired Kitty jumped on my lap. She spread her sleek purring body over my sore legs! The heat from the blanket and her body heat just radiated a warmth through my tired, sore legs! What a joy and a pleasure:) This was just a simple moment but it felt so good for my body and soul! Would love to hear about others simple pleasures in the midst of their pain. Please share.
    Be blessed,
  2. EllenComstock

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    Hi, Judy:

    This is a rough day for me (only four hours of sleep last night due to pain-medication didn't work as well last night for some reason). So your post about getting comfortable in a chair sounds really good right now (I am at work). I have three kitties of my own so when I am relaxing in front of the t.v., I almost always have one or two or them on my lap. It is very relaxing. I have always heard that animals are good therapy and I believe it's true. As far as other pleasures when I am in pain, I guess watching a movie or having my husband run my massager over the hurting areas. That feels really good, but I don't overdue it. Listening to music is also very relaxing. I'm sure other will have other pleasures to share!

  3. kellbear

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    By the end of the day, I am so exhausted and in the worst part of my brain fog, that the only thing I can do to regain some energy for the evening is to relax in a Hot bath for 10 minutes or so. I can't even discuss anything with my husband until I have had this time. He didnt understand at first but once he saw that I was least likely to bite his head off if I did this, he runs the bath water for me and lights some candels. :).
  4. Chrissy2

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    When we pray together as a family at night, my husband cannot believe the detail I go into about how thankful I am for our California sized, comfy, warm bed! It is nearly my most favorite part of my day -- when my exhausted body can fall into our cozy bed.

    I also have pets, and they too do wonders for me. The one is a pretty big, but skinny dog, and lays on top of me like a blanket. I love it.

    Yes, we ARE blessed :eek:)


  5. BluEyes

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    ...or can't go to that comfy chair or bed... we can always close our eyes for a minute and picture that special place. If only for a moment, we can relax and feel the warmth/comfort.
  6. pearls

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    After work, I:

    1) Slip into my muumuu and robe.

    2) Do some simple gardening if I have any energy left.

    3) Get finished making dinner (notice I didn't say, "Cook dinner." I need to get finished!)

    4) Eat dinner.

    5) Take a nice, warm shower.

    6) Put on another muumuu and robe.

    7) Lounge in my recliner.

    8) Read if I can keep my eyes open.

    9) Climb into bed, which is far more comfortable on days when I have just washed and dried the 100% cotton flannel sheets and fluffed the feather bed. Ahhhhhhhh.

    I just wish the whole night would be that comfortable. It isn't, but that's another post. I just want to go back to "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........."